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Article: Wimbledon looks to Watch on Centre Court

Wimbledon looks to Watch on Centre Court

Wimbledon looks to Watch on Centre Court

With summer upon us, we’re all dusting off our rackets and enjoying that fresh smell of new tennis balls, and excited to be back on the court again. Whether you’re a fan on the court or just watching from the stands, we all share the same anticipation and appreciation for tennis’s magical blossom during spring/summer.

Along with the continuous movement of our heads from left to right trying to keep an eye on the ball, no one can’t help but notice the historical stylish extravagance the sport of tennis brings with it. Attracting some famous tennis court regulars like David Beckham, Tom Cruise, Kate Middleton and Emma Watson, everyone habitually dresses to impress. So why not outshine those stars on the centre court and save some people's achy necks in the morning by getting them to observe a sight just as historically wonderful as the game of tennis.

Hyde Park Three Watch Roll

Our first serve is our charming Hyde Park Three Watch Roll, just as traditional as tennis. Like its namesake, the Three Watch Roll is defined by prestige, tradition and an undeniably British style. Expertly designed, the watch roll is crafted from smooth leather and a soft suede interior to keep your watches safe while on the go. Able to carry three of your favourite timepieces in four beautiful colour variations, the Hyde Park Three Watch Roll is the most stylish way to carry your watches when travelling. Features a removable single watch roll so your Three Watch Roll can transform into a flexible storage box, holding a range of accessories such as cufflinks or necklaces.

Berkeley Single Watch Slipcase

When dressing to impress in Wimbledon one watch isn’t enough for before, during and after the game. Worry no more as the Berkeley Single Watch Slipcase ensures your watches are safe with the highest quality pebble grain leather cover and luxurious suede interior. Available in a black or tan colour with a robust cut out section to store your watch securely. It’s perfect to accompany you to Wimbledon this summer.

Director's Range Card Holder Wallet

You never know what can happen at Wimbledon and the same goes for the British weather, so for all of you who want to be ready and prepared for anything while looking as stylish as ever, look no further than our Director's Range Card Holder Wallet. Exquisitely designed by our director, Derek Rapport, the wallet has been carefully designed to be a timeless addition to your daily items. With a distinctive black crocodile-effect leather exterior that is matched perfectly with a luxurious suede lining. The wallet is simplistic yet has a luxury look and feel that is perfect to bring along to any Wimbledon tennis matches to hold all of your required bank and identity cards with you at all times..

So, when you’re watching Wimbledon from the stands, you can always rely on Rapport London to make sure your watches, jewellery or make-up are secure and ready for anything.


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