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Article: The Pride of Being Yourself

The Pride of Being Yourself

The Pride of Being Yourself

Take pride this month and celebrate just being you. Not the person you're meant to be, or whatever someone wants you to be, but be that person who you are. In the world, we live in today it's more important than ever to express yourself in whatever way you can, and what better month than pride month! An important month for everyone as it's about celebrating acceptance, equality and the hard work of the LGBTQ+ community. It’s a time to learn about LGBTQ+ history and raise awareness of issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community.

One of the most important aspects of pride month is recognising the importance of being happy with yourself. At Rapport London, we pride ourselves on trying to include this sense of virtue in all of our products, so no matter who you are, you can be happy and love yourself regardless. So, in honour of this we thought we’d like to highlight the importance of expressing yourself, and showing those true colours everyone wants to see, even if it’s in the things that you wear... as after all “you are what you wear”.
We thought we’d like to take a walk down memory lane and look at some important LGBTQ+ characters of today and look at how they love and express themselves.

Sloane Jewellery Case
Our first LGBTQ+ idol is the fashion icon himself Billy Porter, other than winning awards for his voice, he also uses his vocal instrument in support of the LGBTQ+ community. Being a fashion idol, he knows how to accessories, and what better way to store his jewellery than our beautiful Sloane Jewellery Case. With its classic chic design it provides a contemporary yet timeless keepsake, it offers a premium leather exterior with a unique snakeskin effect design in a choice of a classy colour mix of red, yellow or blue, so you'll have plenty of options to express yourself. It will keep your precious jewellery safe with its super soft suede interior with multiple compartments inside to allow easy jewellery organisation.

Portobello Watch Box
We can’t talk about pride month without mentioning the Queen himself RuPaul Charles. An actor, model, singer, songwriter, television personality and author, when it comes to expressing yourself, RuPaul likes to show us anything is possible. With all his suits and gorgeous dresses, he doesn’t hold back on accessories and at Rapport London we got the perfect premium products to fit any Queen such as our Portobello Watch Box. A luxury suede watch box inspired by the rich colours of Notting Hill. Although originally handcrafted to fit three watches, our Portobello Watch Box can easily double as an accessory box. With its unique hexagonal shape and equally colourful premium grained leather exterior, the Portobello Watch Box can easily fit a wide range of accessories of any shape and size. A perfect product to keep your accessories safe so you never have to worry about not being able to express yourself the way you want.

EVO Single Watch Winder

No matter who you are, your personality is what makes you, you. There is no better LGBTQ+ community member that shows us the importance of being comfortable with your personality than Ellen Degeneres. A busy business woman herself, she of course has an impressive watch collection, owning both a Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi and a Rolex GMT-Master II Green Hand, so you know she is always going to be on time. What better way to make sure those watches our wound up after storing them than the slick EVO Single Watch Winder, designed to be collected together. The EVO cube is precision-crafted from wood and applied with eight layers of lacquer. It’s further developed in a range of sleek, high gloss colour finishes such as Midnight Black, Polar White, Admiral Blue, Crimson Red, Racing Green, Platinum Silver, Macassar Wood, or Carbon Fibre. It’s the perfect place to store your delightful investments and make sure they are ready for the next day.

So no matter how you want to express yourself this Pride Month, you can always rely on Rapport London to help you feel like you.


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