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Crafted for generations

For 125 years, we have crafted quality products of the highest standard in the market. With ethically sourced materials and solid British craftsmanship, we aim to create the ultimate preserver for your timepieces.

Our commitment to you

In a world that rushes ahead with fast-changing fashion trends and mass-produced goods, we are committed to offering iconic, meticulously crafted objects made to stand the test of time.

For over 125 years, we have combined craftsmanship and expertise to provide a world-class quality product. Our aim is to craft watch winders, boxes and rolls that let your timepieces defy the very nature of time.

Positive luxury

making a change

Rapport is certified with the butterfly mark for our commitment to making positive luxury goods.

We work to ensure that our products are not only luxurious but also ethically produced. When sourcing materials for our products, we always choose suppliers that minimise negative impacts on the environment and society while maintaining a high standard of quality

"At Rapport, we serve the conscious luxury buyer looking for solutions to care for their timepieces, jewellery and other prized possessions. Those whose choice is not defined by how much, but how special"

– Oliver Rapport, Director


Functionality over fashion whims

We work against the fast-paced nature of fashion and consumer goods industries that prioritise speed and cost over quality. Fashion comes and goes, but we have stood our ground for 125 years by providing solid craftsmanship made to last and function.


Masterpieces over mass production

The fascinating mechanics of a luxury timepiece is a reminder to our modern world that things should be made to be appreciated and to last. We craft our products with the utmost respect for the treasures they are meant to hold.


Innovation over status-quo

Made for the past, present and the future, Rapport is not only about timeless beauty. As a top watch accessory brand, we constantly explore new ways to provide convenience and conscious solutions for the future generation of luxury watches and jewellery owners.

Since 1898



Section Column: The know-how

The know-how

With 125 years of expertise in the horological industry, we deliver the highest standards in the market. We take pride in continuing the legacy our family has built through time.

Section Column: The design

The design

From our headquarters in London, Paddington, we design iconic and timeless watch accessories made to elevate the beauty of your timepiece.

Section Column: The craft

The craft

We source the finest leathers, woods and gold-plated fastenings to be handcrafted into winders, boxes, pouches and rolls in our UK-based atelier.