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Article: How to Dress (In Style) to Travel

How to Dress (In Style) to Travel

How to Dress (In Style) to Travel

We all find it hard saying no to a good Spring Bank Holiday, even with all the hassle, of planning and worrying. It’s all part of the process really and as a result, we end with beautiful memories to last a lifetime.

The same experience can be said when purchasing a Rapport London product, as we get it, choosing one of our many products is hard and we love protecting your memorable jewellery and boxes. From the first time you open your watch or jewellery box to the last time, we want it to be just as beautiful an experience as travelling on a warm spring day.

So let our glamorous craftsmanship accompany you this spring bank holiday, with its safety, security and most importantly its stylish disposition.

However, with travelling how do we expect to look the best when the airports cool, the planes cold and when you step off that plane into your new oasis, you get a rush of warm air. Why not take notes of the professionals such as Leonie Hanne, a well-travelled influencer who is ready for it all when she arrives at the airport.

Berkeley Three Watch Roll

Her secret? Her delightful taste in watch rolls, and she doesn’t stray for the best such as our Berkeley Three Watch Roll. With its premium grained leather exterior and super soft suede-lined interior, it’s more than enough for any of her travel destinations and room for all her favourite timepieces. Travel in style and comfort with an immaculately designed watch roll that comes in two distinct colour variations and features a removable cushion to allow you to carry your watches in all comfort.

Travel Jewellery Case

Keeping that priceless Jewellery in the stress of flying is no easy task, and with Bee-keeper mother herself, Negin Mirsalehi makes it look like a breeze. Fortunately, she got Jewellery boxes such as our Travel Jewellery Case keeping her priceless Jewellery safe. Crafted in the smoothest of leather with an even softer creamy suede lining, it's perfect for all her rings, necklaces and earring while travelling.

Portobello Watch CaseHowever, Chiara Ferragni goes for the smaller approach of our Portobello Watch Pouch, it’s the perfect size to accompany anyone wherever they go. Handmade with the finest grained leather in five bright pastel colour variations of either green, pink, blue, yellow and red. The single watch case features an insert that sits between the watch to ensure your timepiece remains protected and avoids any scratches. The perfect accessory for Chiara when travelling with her favourite timepiece, enabling her to be effortlessly organised and stylish at the same time.

By taking the helpful tips you can be guaranteed safe travel with our Rapport London products.


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