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Article: Summer Checklist before your Flight

Summer Checklist before your Flight

Summer Checklist before your Flight

Infinitely hot days? Last-minute packing? Excited about waking up at 4 am? It must be that time of year when all you can think about is that air trip to paradise, drinks by the pool, your first experience and giving you that well-deserved flight out of the country. I think we all deserve it after the unfortunate last few years. Trust us, at Rapport London we know when it comes to watches or jewellery language, safety and security won’t be a problem, as we can assure you that getting a watch box or jewellery case with us, is essentially buying first- class seating for all your commodities.

Thinking of taking a trip to Europe? Well, have we got you covered, we have picked the perfect products for three of the most visited places in Europe, so you’re sure that your watches look stylish on and off your wrist.

Hyde Park Three Watch Roll

Our first trip is down the Mediterranean in Lisbon, Portugal, with its castle view and ornate architecture it will be perfectly accompanied by our Hyde Park Three Watch Roll. An expertly designed 3-piece watch roll, you will be shocked by how you went anywhere without it. It comes shrined in either a smooth black, grey, tan or navy leather with a premium suede interior. Accompanied by two watch cushions on either side of a removable middle compartment, it can also adapt into a single watch roll or storage to hold cufflinks and accessories by removing the middle cushion.

Portobello Watch Pouch

The next stop is the Amalfi Coast in Italy, it's an idyllic beauty and a staple of fine Italian luxury. So why cut yourself short and relish in luxury with our Portobello Watch Pouch, designed to match our Portobello watch boxes it is available in dazzling red, pink, blue, green and yellow, that perfectly blends in with Amalfi Coast’s colourful array of pastel-coloured fishing villages.

Berkeley Three Watch Roll

Our final destination is in the elegant Provence in France, with its lavender fields and artistic history of the likes of Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso, it’s only right to accompany yourself with another classic such as the Berkeley Three Watch Roll. Available in Black, Tan, Grey and Blue, it is built with the finest grained leather for your favourite watch selections and lined with that super soft suede for that premium protection your watches deserves.

So if you're in the lush lavender fields of Provence France, the historic beauty of Lisbon Portugal or the enticing atmosphere of the Amalfi Coast. Rapport London is the perfect product protection and safety for any of your finest watches.


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