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Article: Tips on How to Start a Luxury Watch Collection

Tips on How to Start a Luxury Watch Collection

Tips on How to Start a Luxury Watch Collection

When you’re out and about talking to someone you have never met before, and they ask you the question, “so, what are your interests?”. Then all of a sudden, your face lights up, you have a shine in your smile, a spark in your eyes as you can give light and talk about your favourite hobby. Whether you show them how you keep the time or how you plan to in the future, just make sure don’t forget to tell them how you keep them protected!

So how do you start your amazing collection? Well firstly, you have to do your research, as you should always walk before you can run. Going head first into this hobby without knowing anything can not only leave you with some bad investments, but also take half the fun out of it! Next, you have to set a budget, there is no point having a nice watch without a place to put it or a nice outfit to match as sometimes less is more. As with budget, you have to prepare for your collection and as all expert watch collectors will tell you the extremely rewarding hobby of watch collecting is the importance of taking care of your first watch from the moment you have it, as you will regret not doing so down the line.

So, for anyone asking that question of how they can protect their watches, let Rapport London help you out with the perfect recommendations for starting your watch collection.

Formula Single Watch Winder

An absolute must for any starting watch collector is a watch winder, as eventually, you will come across a watch that looks too good to miss and if it’s a wind-up watch you have to be prepared to ensure it is wound up at all times to keep those clocks ticking. Hence, what better accessory than our Formula Single Watch Winder. Available in Carbon Fibre or Black finish, this watch winder will not only will this watch winder maintain the time of your watch when it’s not on your wrist, but it will also hold and protect your investment, which is always a must. The Formula features a lockable front, glass door with three distinct stripes across the front, which distinguish the range, as well as an LCD control panel that allows you to select a range of settings, with interior lighting for an enhanced effect.

Kensington Watch Vox

Eventually, after a while of starting your watch collection you may have quite a few pieces, so keeping them all safely protected is a job for our Kensington Six Watch Box. A watch box displaying beautiful British craftsmanship, it’s a modern and classy watch box that all collectors should have. Available in Navy, Grey, or Tan leather it has been tailored to fit up to six watches, with one of the compartments becoming a removable watch roll for travel, it’s Handcrafted in smooth leather with a high-quality suede lining the interior. Silver or gold fitments match the studded design. It’s an absolute must-have and the perfect addition to start any watch collection.

Hyde Park Three Watch Roll

Now that you have a beautiful watch winder and a gracious watch box, the next step on your watch collecting journey is making sure you are ready for travel, and what better way to safely protect your watches and travel in style with our Hyde Park Three Watch Roll. Your new favourite travel accessory will securely hold three of your selected watches. A smooth black, grey, tan, or navy leather covers the roll with a suede interior with two watch cushions sitting on either side with a removable middle compartment. In addition to this, it can also be adapted into a single watch roll or remove the cushion to be able to hold cufflinks and accessories.

If you’re a new watch collector, an amateur or an expert, ensuring these three must-have products are also in your collection will ensure your watches are kept sound and secure.


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