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Article: The Best Gifts for Men (That He’ll Love)

The Best Gifts for Men (That He’ll Love)

The Best Gifts for Men (That He’ll Love)

Although a box of perfume is a lovely gift idea, we believe it's time to get creative with our gift-giving for our particular someone! Here at Rapport London, we can accommodate the concept of unique gift giving, whether it's for your father, son, or partner!

Heritage Watch Box
The Heritage Watch Box is the best option if you're looking for a collectors gift! Three distinct compartment options are included: 4, 8, and 10. Since it has many compartment possibilities, this will be ideal for both a beginner and an experienced collector given how popular watch collecting is growing. For storing their favourite watch in style, this is ideal. Each box has a veneer finish, a variety of colour options, and adjustable cushions in each compartment. It also has a suede lining on the inside.

Quantum Duo Watch WinderIf you want a more sleek and modern look, the Quantum Duo Watch Winder is the best option for you. This exquisitely made double watch winder features a Silver or Navy finish, a velveteen-lined interior, and metallic leather finish that embodies the sense of exclusiveness only found in the Quantum watch winder range at Rapport London.

Vantage Watch Roll
We at Rapport also have another lovely suggestion for a gift: our Vantage Three Watch Roll. This watch attachment includes three distinct suede cushions and leather partitions, and it has a unique hexagonal prism shape. The three available colour options are black, green, and brown. There is also the option of buying the matching vantage eight watch box. This is undoubtedly the best option for someone who enjoys travelling and has more than one favourite watch!

Berkeley Single Watch Slipcase
Our Berkeley Single Watch Slipcase is another item that would be ideal for an adventurer with just one favourite watch! It's such a hassle-free item because it's so simply transportable. It is hand stitched, constructed of pebble grain leather, and lined with soft suede. A cutout part to safely insert your watch is revealed when the top of the case slides away from the base. There are three colours to choose from: black, tan, and grey.

Formula Watch Stand
The Formula Watch Stand is our final excellent gift suggestion! There are two variations of this accessory: one without a tray and one with a tray. This stand is ideal for someone who enjoys displaying their prized possessions or who enjoys having their favourite watch close at hand. The tray-equipped stand is perfect for keeping jewellery or Airpods! Your watch will rest on a fine leather cushion that is supported by a high gloss foundation. Available in three finishes: Carbon Fibre, Black with Gold Detail, and Black with Silver Detail.


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