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Article: The Portobello Watch Box: Up Close and Personal

The Portobello Watch Box: Up Close and Personal

The Portobello Watch Box: Up Close and Personal

Rapport is a brand of tradition. Using the knowledge passed down over generations, we handcraft materials into exceptional luxury goods. But no legacy is earned on the back of heritage alone, and ever since our establishment in 1898, Rapport has pushed boundaries and striven for innovation. Our all-new Portobello Watch Boxes are evidence of our evolution, a stunning marriage of the modern and traditional, the established and the emerging. 

Portobello Watch Box

Developing on the expertise earned through the design and manufacture of our existing watch box ranges, including the Kensington, Heritage and Berkeley, the Portobello Watch Boxes are an exciting and unique addition to the Rapport catalogue. As is our way, the Portobello has a handcrafted wooden construction, finished with premium, fine-grained leather. On the front, there is a small button that opens the case. Inside, there is the capacity for three watches, surrounded by cream suede upholstery. With all the small details finished to perfection, it might seem business as usual but, like its Notting Hill namesake, the Portobello is anything but standard. 

First, there is the shape of the box. Stepping away from convention, gone are the right angles: the Portobello is a stunning hexagon, with its pointed ends making a bold and striking impression. To match such a bold shape is the colour selection. Though Rapport has not been averse to bright colours in the past, the Portobello reaches new heights, coming in five bright, daring and punchy colours, including pink, yellow and turquoise.

The innovation does not end there. While the Portobello is ideal for storing your Rolex or Patek at home, like all watch boxes, it does not travel well - which is a shame, given that you do. To address this need, the Portobello Watch Boxes come with an equally well-crafted leather watch carry pouch that can sit effortlessly in your carry-on luggage. So, whether you are treading the streets of London or exploring the Parisian avenues, the lively spirit of Portobello will be with you. 


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