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Article: A Conversation with Xinhua News Agency

A Conversation with Xinhua News Agency

A Conversation with Xinhua News Agency


Rapport London Director Oliver Rapport recently spoke with Xinhua News Agency about the importance of the Chinese luxury goods sector and the steps we have taken to invest in this growing market.

Speaking with Xinhua, Oliver spoke of the growth of the Chinese luxury market, which is set to become the world's largest in the next few years. For us at Rapport London, the Chinese luxury market's importance is tied to the potential growth and the appeal of Rapport goods for Chinese consumers. As we know well, the new generation of consumers in China are highly knowledgeable and have a discerning taste for handcrafted luxury products. With these shoppers appreciating luxury goods to the fullest, our horological products are a perfect match for many of them.

Like many other businesses, Rapport London has gone through a digital shift during the Coronavirus pandemic. Rapport London had double-digit solid percentage growth for its online business across the world. This includes China, where Rapport London has established a strong presence on Chinese e-commerce platforms such as SECOO, Alibaba and WeChat mini-programme and a thriving presence on social media, including Weibo.

The focus on China is not limited to digital platforms. Oliver also discussed exciting plans to open a store in the Hainan Duty-Free Island and either Beijing or Shanghai.

Both these ventures represent Rapport London's long-term commitment to growing our presence in China. As Oliver noted in the interview, this new venture represents an exciting opportunity for Rapport to work alongside their partners to provide a new generation of Chinese consumers with premium luxury watch accessories and goods.


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