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Article: Rapport Collections for Men

Rapport Collections for Men

Rapport Collections for Men

The Rapport catalogue is home to a wide range of products, with several ranges furnishing men with a keen taste for quality and luxury. Our founder, Maurice Rapport, and his two brothers were dedicated to the production of the finest handmade goods. This ethos is one we still hold dear at Rapport today and finds itself distilled into each and every item we create. The cocktail of tradition and innovation that this imbues in our work is a potent one, and we see this reflected in our committed and passionate clientele.

The Rapport men’s collection is home to several of our most prestigious and desirable lines, such as the Hyde Park collection, so named to reflect the spirit of modernity and tradition shared between the line and the Royal parkland. Other men’s collections include our collaboration with Johnston’s Of Elgin, which sees the merging of two established family businesses, and the Director’s Range, in which our director Derek Rapport has combined luxury with practicality for men with a busy schedule.

Though the above ranges are ever-popular, they are only a taste of what our men’s collection offers. Here are three products for men from our current collection that you may not be as familiar with.

EVO Single Watch Winder

The Evolution MKII, better known as the Evo Single Watch Winder, is a device deserving of your attention. Designed to look after your automatic day-wearer when it is not being worn, the Evo sits, gently rotating your watch to ensure that it keeps time. The Evo has three settings and is programmable, allowing the mechanism’s workings to meet the exact requirements of your timepiece.

More than just an object of function, the Evo Single Watch Winder has a sleek and sharp form. Whether kept at home or in the office, its cubic proportions work well in minimalist surroundings, or as an attractive counterpoint to more traditional interiors.

Formula Quad Watch Winder

One of the boldest entries in our men’s ranges is the Formula Quad Watch Winder. Perfectly suited to the man with a burgeoning watch collection, the Formula Quad has space for four watches, each with its own mechanism and programmable settings, courtesy of the touchscreen LCD display. While the case is lockable, the glass frontage allows your watches to be showcased and admired. The interior of the case is lined with grey soft-feel velvet. Available in either a black or carbon fibre finish, the exterior of the Formula Quad is also detailed with three pinstripes and chrome fittings.

The Heritage Eight Watch Box is an elegant storage option handcrafted from walnut wood. With storage for up to eight watches, each with its own adjustable cushion, the Heritage Box is as useful as it is discerning. Its hand-applied lacquer finish really brings out the richness of the wood, which is perfect for placing on the sideboard at home. Or, alternatively, you can use the Heritage to store a Rolex collection safely in a vault, as we discovered in our recent collaboration with Tom Exton from TGE TV. The choice is yours.


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