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Article: Why you need a Watch Winder

Why you need a Watch Winder

Why you need a Watch Winder

For watch connoisseurs, appreciation for fine timepieces extends beyond mere ownership. It’s about protection. It’s about preservation. Whether you are a new enthusiast or an avid collector, when you invest in an automatic timepiece, it becomes essential to consider how to maintain your pieces—carefully keeping them in time so they are ready to wear when you are. Watch winders become key to that longevity, and at Rapport London, we craft timeless watch winders that keep your timepieces accurate and accessible for generations to come.

The Role of a Watch Winder

A high-quality, automatic watch is constructed to last over a lifetime, where careful conservation and regular movement contribute to its reliability and durability. Powered by a mechanical rotor, an automatic watch harnesses the energy from the wearer to keep itself ticking, meaning that once removed, it will run on stored energy for around 24 to 72 hours, and then need to be rewound and reset. To avoid complications with resetting elements like date and time, and to reduce the risk of excessive wear on key components that impact accuracy, it is recommended to keep your timepieces regularly wound and calibrated.



A well-made watch is a precision instrument, developed to be consistently accurate. Like all thoroughbreds, they benefit from proper exercise. When you don't wear your watch, a watch winder mimics the movements of a wrist, ensuring that the mechanism moves and agitates the oils and lubricants, preventing them from gathering and creasing the workings, helping the device to keep time and maintain its service interval. For the modern luxury watch buyer, Rapport London’s automatic watch winders also feature user-oriented details like touchscreen LCD control panels, which allow you to specify directions and turns per day according to suit your watches’ needs.


Elevate the Beauty of your Watch

Beyond maintenance, a watch winder can elevate your valuables, acting as a sophisticated, polished accompaniment. Choose a timeless model to be displayed in your office or bedroom, or pair your timepieces with a high-gloss finish. When your watches aren’t being worn, you shouldn’t have to hide them away. From our headquarters in London, Paddington, we design iconic, timeless, and finely detailed watch winders that provide the perfect showcase to admire your treasures while keeping them safe, secure, and running. 

What to Consider

When choosing a watch winder, consider the needs of your collection. Whether you opt for a single watch winder or a larger cabinet for your entire collection, the frequency, speed of rotation, and pad can all be adapted for a perfect fit. At Rapport London, we design a limited production of functional, premium watch winders from our UK-based atelier. Our EVO single watch winder features a classic shape and comes in a variety of colours to satisfy both fashion-conscious or traditional tastes; plus, the soft, luxurious cushion adjusts to fit any size and style of watch straps. For serious collectors, the Paramount Walnut edition provides room for nine timepieces, blends perfectly with its surroundings, and includes a silent mechanism, so you can keep it on display without worrying about undesirable distractions.


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