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Article: Caring for your timepiece on the go

Caring for your timepiece on the go

Caring for your timepiece on the go

Whether you’re headed for a weekend getaway or a business trip, travelling with one or more watches requires careful planning to ensure the protection of your pieces while in transit. For that peace of mind while you adventure in style, read through our advice for caring for your watches while on the go.


Balance Practicality and Versatility

The best protection is prevention. When deciding which watches to bring on your travels, consider your environment, and, perhaps, leave your vintage heirloom at home in favour of a scratch-resistant or water-resistant option when headed to a beach vacation. For shorter trips, one or two more versatile models might suffice, and for longer trips, you can bring several to mix and match your watch to your activities during the day.

Packing your Timepieces

Once you have selected which watches to take with you, protective cases like watch rolls help ensure the safety of your timepieces while in transit. A watch roll is a compact accessory that protects against impact and offers a soft, cushioned interior—making it the perfect travel companion. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style and functionality for convenience when packing, and Rapport’s watch rolls, like the Nova Three keep your timepieces organised while still offering a timeless, elegant look. Whether your style leans more classic or bold, Rapport London provides options in a variety of shades to suit your luggage and style.


Tips for Transport

  1. Always keep your watches in view. Pack your watches in your carry-on rather than your checked bags to avoid added risk. When going through the airport, keep in mind that you should never leave your watches unattended.
  2. Avoid excessive impact. When placing your watches in your luggage, avoid placing them beneath heavy objects, which may cause pressure or impact damage.
  3. Use a watch roll. Prevent scratches during security and travel with a watch roll. Choose an option with a soft lining and organisational compartments to keep them from brushing against each other when travelling with more than one.

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