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Article: How to care for your collection

How to care for your collection

How to care for your collection

How we care for the things we love often tells us something about ourselves. So when investing in your collection, you naturally must consider how to best look after your timepieces to ensure their protection and durability.

Protect and Preserve

When securing the accuracy, safety, and longevity of your timepieces, thoughtful maintenance safeguards against the effects of time itself—slowing the erosion of internal systems and avoiding unnecessary abrasions. 

Key to extending the life of your collection is proper storage, which helps avoid falls, moisture, dust, and other factors that can cause imperfections. Keep your pieces away from pets or children, and store them in secured watch boxes to preserve their integrity. Options like Rapport’s Heritage Ten feature a classic shape made of solid wood, stored for over 18 years, to ensure a dry environment. Crafted with gold-plated fastenings and five layers of hand-applied lacquer, the box is built not only to secure your treasures but also to stand the test of time.

If you only wear certain watches during special occasions or are storing pieces for a longer period, a watch winder helps maintain the accuracy of your timepiece. A watch winder removes the inconvenience of manually winding and resetting an automatic watch after a few days of not wearing it, and options like the Formula sport a high-gloss finish and a lockable front glass door for added security.

Rapport-Watch Winder-Formula Six Watch Winder-Carbon Fibre

Elevate your Collection

Beyond functionality, your watch collection acts as an extension of your own personal style and story. Perhaps you are caring for a family heirloom or investing in a new classic, each piece carries its own history, and your storage selection can bring to life its legacy and complete the overall look. When the difference is stitched in the details, fine wood, leather, and sublime finishings elevate your collection into a luxurious, cohesive display—highlighting its beauty and significance. Rapport London’s watch boxes and winders are always designed with the finest components sourced from around the world, ensuring a sleek and timeless look that perfectly matches your timepieces.

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