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Article: 2022 - A Year of Innovation and Style for Watchmakers

2022 - A Year of Innovation and Style for Watchmakers

2022 - A Year of Innovation and Style for Watchmakers

The watchmaking industry is growing fast, and the innovative, smart watchmakers are making the market a little bit more competitive than it was before. It’s harder to keep yourself at the top of the market today as you need to be putting continuous effort into creating unique timepieces that people will fall in love with. During this year, we’ve seen a lot of innovations that caught people’s eye - here’s a few of our favourites.

Starting with the New Patek Philippe Nautilus 5811/G with a 41mm white gold case (hint: this is what the G stands for!). Some technical upgrades and aesthetic updates to this new release of the watch made people admire the brand more, creating a watch that became exactly what their customers had hoped for from such a brand.

The collaboration between Omega and Swatch was another impressive release this year. Collaborating to create a £207 version of the £5000 Speedmaster “Moonwatch”, which is considered the most lusted-after watch model on the market at the moment. Days after the watch was released, it was announced that Moonwatch would be restocked after selling out on launch day.

The original Timex Q watch hit its peak popularity in the 1980s due to it’s affordable price, making it the perfect selection for many. The release of the Timex GMT Q version, with its design upgrades, the circular hour markers and a simple square date window, helped the brand regain popularity this year. Keeping costs down again, the Timex GMT Q comes in at £200.

Another new launch that affected the watchmaking market is the Big Crown Pilot Okavango Air Rescue Limited Edition. Rather than the exclusivity of it, it’s popular due to it’s exclusive features, as well as resembling a piece of art. Oris is known for providing watches at good prices compared to the rest of the luxury timepiece market, as well as caring about sustainability and supporting ethical practises on land and sea - something that is very important to us at Rapport. The watch has been released to honour the 10th anniversary of Botswana’s Aeromedical Rescue Organisation Okavango Air Rescue, inspired by nature.

The latest addition to the Club Family, Nomos 37mm Club Sport, comes in a stainless steel case and two dial colours: Polar Blue and Petrol Green. The New Club Sports price isn’t as affordable as the Club Campus, but it is worth its price - with its 3.2mm in-house full-rotor automatic movement combined with the high standard of watch making we consistently see from Nomos.

We’re looking forward to what we see released in 2023!

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