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Article: What Does Your Watch Say About You?

What Does Your Watch Say About You?

What Does Your Watch Say About You?

In the age of socially, economically aware Gen Z, everything you wear represents you. Your car, your shirt, your shoes, your shopping habits, and even your choice of wristwatch can reveal a lot about your character.

There are numerous elements that can be used by others to analyse your values and determine the image you're intending to portray; from the number of subdials and band material to the case design and resistance rating. Indeed, from your watch, others can learn what makes you tick.

The time when a watch's main function was to tell the time has long since passed. These days, all it takes is a quick glimpse at your smartphone. As a result, the choice of a mechanical watch says all the more about the character of its owner. So what does your watch say about you?

 If your chosen timepiece is a Rolex, you don't hesitate to display your success, whether it be with a Datejust or Submariner. Most people, including Rolex owners like you, are aware that Rolex is one of the most well-known luxury watch companies in the world. As a Rolex lover, you appreciate the finer things in life: you wear expensive brand-name clothes and drive a Porsche 911. However, you’re not very interested in experimentation. You trust the stable performance of your Rolex and know that your Daytona is a safe investment.

As a Breitling wearer, you like to get down to business. You started your business at an early age and worked arduously to achieve success. "Doer” is the first word you choose to describe yourself, and your gold Breitling Chronomat demonstrates this. Like you, the watch radiates manly drive and boldness. You drive a muscle car, which of course you keep in top condition, to match your taste in watches. You take satisfaction in the dings and dents that your Breitling has acquired over the years; they are signs of a hard day's work.

If your chosen watch is a Richard Mille, you have a similar drive to the likes of Rafael Nadal, Bubba Watson, Ed Sheeran and Neymar. These superstars have one thing in common: they all wear watches from Richard Mille. The Swiss company is renowned for producing exquisite timepieces that are incredibly light and technically unique. If you don’t belong to either of the aforementioned celebrity circles but still own a Richard Mille, you are a visionary along the lines of an Elon Musk or a Jeff Bezos. Even though the two tech entrepreneurs may not be wearing one of these watches (yet), they still make for a perfect match. The automatic movement is incredibly practical for someone who wears a Richard Mille every day, whether they are in their luxurious home, private jet, or mega yacht.

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