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Article: Why Rapport London?

Why Rapport London?

Why Rapport London?

You never regret your extravagances, only your economies.

When looking at watch winders, this well-known expression is a fine mantra to follow. We cannot stress the importance of choosing a quality product, one that guarantees reliability, has a stylish and practical design, and functions perfectly thanks to state-of-the-art mechanics. 

Whilst price tags are a good indicator of quality, they aren’t the only thing to consider when searching for a watch winder. Brands that harness their long-standing heritage and invaluable experience gained over years of artisanal practice to create boundary-pushing, innovative products have characteristics that money can’t buy.

We feel incredibly confident in saying that we produce the best watch winders money can buy. Yes, talk is cheap, but we know we can put our money where our mouth is. Here’s why…

For more than 120 years, Rapport has been crafting high-end horological accessories based on our founder’s philosophy of innovation, quality, and service. These principles remain at the very core of our brand right up to this present moment and will continue to guide every step of our process, regardless of what we are making. 

Another continuous feature of the Rapport brand is the people behind it. Founded in 1898 by Maurice A. Rapport, the business has been handed down through four generations, ensuring that the same attention to detail and focus on quality has been passed along.

Over the years, we have refined our techniques and constantly invested in finding the latest innovations without forgetting our history and heritage. As such, our products continue to meet the crucial standards we set at our advent whilst meeting the expectations of the modern watch enthusiast.

Our watch winders exemplify our hard work, dedication, and expertise perfectly. 

Taking supreme pride in the materials and design of each model, a number of features separate our products from others on the market. Premium leather-covered soft pads cover a fully adjustable clip, ensuring that straps of every shape and size fit any model. Slotting into cups inset into the body of the winder, your watch will be kept in a vertical position whenever the winder is stationary.

The ability to personalise our winders to work for your watches is further displayed by each model’s customisable settings. Offering a variety of rotation frequencies and timing options, each winder can be independently controlled, ensuring that you are able to optimise the settings to fit manufacturer guidance.

What’s more, we have designed every model to be travel-ready, providing an accompanying universal adaptor with each purchase. Running in virtual silence, they are all powered using the DC adaptor provided to suit countries worldwide.

So, why buy a Rapport watch winder? 

Automatic timepieces are precision instruments and need regular use and attention. If they are left unwound for long periods, internal lubrication can be lost from critical areas, eventually leading to excessive wear on components, diminishing accuracy, and the need for recalibration.

With a 24-month guarantee, every Rapport watch winder ensures to keep your precious pieces ticking at their very best whenever they leave your wrist.

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