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Article: Whichever colour leather you choose, it will always be green.

Whichever colour leather you choose, it will always be green.

Whichever colour leather you choose, it will always be green.

There is a phrase we’re beginning to hear more and more often these days: ‘sustainable luxury’.

To the uninitiated, the notions of sustainability and luxury may not seem like natural bedfellows. But, in the offices and workshops at Rapport, they are right at the top of the list of the things we stand for.

The notion of sustainable luxury reflects our unflinching desire to make the best possible items in the best possible ways. And, as the world moves towards more environmentally friendly practices, Rapport is already ahead of the game. We have been investigating the use of ethical and sustainable materials in our business for some time now.

Sustainable initiatives at Rapport

We have already introduced two small initiatives that are helping to take our business in the right direction. To add to these, we have more plans in the pipeline to be unveiled later this year.

For many years now, we have been using product boxes created from recycled materials. We’re glad to say we’re not the only company doing this but, at the risk of blowing our own trumpet, we instigated this practice long before it became fashionable to do so.

100% biodegradable packing chips

Then, to transport our precious items safely to our customers across the world, we use special packing chips that are 100% combustible and biodegradable. These chips are manufactured from sustainable raw materials in an innovative low-energy process.

If we all do them, small things like this can soon add up to make significant changes for the better. But, having said that, we’re under no illusion that this is only the start. We can always do more, and that belief will drive us on to further action in the very near future.

Work in progress

We are now busily assessing everything from the energy we use to power our manufacturing processes to the environmental footprint of the materials that feature in our luxury items to see what further enhancements can be made.

That way, you can be sure that whatever you pay for an item from the Rapport Collection, you know that it is never going to cost the earth.


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