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Article: How to make working from home more of a pleasure.

How to make working from home more of a pleasure.

How to make working from home more of a pleasure.

When we all began working from home, over a year ago, many of us struggled with the blurring of the lines between our personal and professional lives. At the same time, there were welcome perks such as the 30-second commute from the kitchen and being able to turn up for work in one’s pyjama bottoms. With no choice but to take the rough with the smooth, we all tried to make the most of the disruptive situation.

Is working from home here to stay?

One year on, however, we’re beginning to realise that the temporary arrangements may not be so temporary after all. There’s much talk of companies shedding the expense of their big prestigious offices in the prime locations and adopting smaller premises and remote or hybrid working models instead.

Facing the prospect of spending more and more time working in your own space, it seems, as ironic as it might sound, that now may be the perfect time to make your makeshift office feel a bit more like home.

Mixing business with pleasure

Rapport can certainly help with that. We are a British brand, proud to represent more than 115 years of expertise in horological products, over four generations. We offer a range of exclusive products that will add those touches of sophistication that can transform your temporary home office into a place you’ll never want to leave.

Items like the Formula Watch Stand, which presents an elegant way to store your watch when you are busy clinching the next big deal. A high gloss base supports a premium leather cushion for your watch to rest on. Best of all, in these unusual circumstances, it comes with the option of a small tray you can use for your valuable accessories, (Think of it as a pen holder, but for your AirPods, jewellery or cufflinks.)

Wireless charging tray for your mobile phone

No office, at home or otherwise, should be without a Rapport Wireless Charging Tray. With three different styles to choose from, our hand-crafted trays are the perfect place for busy executives to charge their mobile phone. The range also comes with a watch cushion and storage compartments lined with soft velvet.

But, perhaps the ultimate ‘home office furniture’ for a gentleman of means would be the Perpetua III Quad Watch Winder. This may be the largest watch winder in the range but it would still fit comfortably, and majestically, on the side of your desk. In a choice of a black or walnut finish, this magnificent piece stores and maintains up to four watches and keeps them smoothly moving for optimum performance. The quad’s stylish interior consists of four soft leather cushions, which are fully adjustable to accommodate the most prized timepieces in your collection.

Whichever items you choose from the Rapport collection to adorn your home office, you can be sure they will add to the ambiance, while only providing the merest of distractions from pressing business matters, when required.

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