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Article: The Best Watch Winder for You

The Best Watch Winder for You

The Best Watch Winder for You

Earlier last month, we spoke about how no watch collection is complete without the addition of an efficient, expertly crafted watch winder. Whilst the timepieces themselves receive all of the attention, accessories that maintain them, protect them, and ensure that they are firing on all cylinders are worth their weight in gold.

We cannot stress the importance of a quality watch winder enough. In short, they create an alternative storage option that not only displays and holds onto your precious timepieces, but possesses essential functionality, gently winding any automatic watch to ensure they continue to tick.

Following on from the previous blog, we have compiled a few more of our favourites into a list to help illustrate why you can never go wrong with a Rapport watch winder.

Combining modern structural design with a unique aesthetic, the Wheel Watch Winder perfectly encapsulates our desire to create state of the art products that push the boundaries of our innovation. Designed in the shape of a wheel with sleek matte black and silver tones, the Wheel Watch Winder bears a powerful look that exudes luxury and refinement.

Contrasted with the metallic hues of the exterior, a magnifying glass hatch houses the single watch holder. Fully adjustable to fit any individual watch, the soft black leather covering provides protection and practicality in equal measure.

Perpetua Duo Watch Winder

Another single watch winder oozing character and class, the Perpetua Watch Winder’s strongly built lacquer frame, velvet-lined interior and soft leather watch cushions to guarantee security and protection. Available in either a Black or Walnut finish, the Perpetua Watch Winders offers both a classic and modern option to suit your aesthetic style. 

The Perpetua’s high-quality lacquer exterior with a high gloss finish pairs perfectly with its matching velvet-lined interior, firmly reinforcing its status as one of our best selling watch winders. Housing a fully adjustable watch holder, offering selectable rotation settings and complete with a touchscreen LCD display panel; the Perpetua Watch Winder range certainly lives up to its name. Available as a Single, Duo or Quad Watch Winder options to complement differing watch collection sizes.

Paramount Nine Watch Winder

We believe that our next watch winder is one of the finest available on the market today. Far from your average watch model, the Paramount Watch Winder range is designed to combine classical elegance with modern-day aesthetics. Available in either a luxurious ebony black or walnut finish with soft-feel velvet interior lining and chrome fittings, the Paramount range marries together all these features to create a winder of premium quality. 

A true conversation starter, the Paramount’s functionality matches its beautiful aesthetic style. Fingerprint security access is sure to impress others while securing your timepieces. Similarly, the touchscreen LCD control panel enables complete control, allowing you to precisely choose the correct rotation and direction settings for your timepiece collection. The Paramount range is suited for those with a larger timepiece collection, with an option to store nine or twelve watches so there’s plenty of storage for all your prized watches. The Paramount Watch Winders are the perfect watch winder for the serious horologist.


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