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Article: Every Second Counts

Every Second Counts

Every Second Counts

The 2022 edition of the Bahrain Grand Prix begins on the weekend of the 18th of March, as the season opening race of the 2022 F1 World Championship. Held since 2004, the Bahrain Grand Prix is the F1 season’s first night race and has been characterised for its severe braking demand for riders due to the circuit and the high track temperatures. With these features, the Bahrain Grand Prix is an exciting race to watch, with the added drama surrounding the conclusion of last years’ season ending race in Abu Dhabi only increasing the pressure and fever around this upcoming race.

At Rapport London, we recognise the inseparable link between the world of Formula 1 racing and horology. The need to measure and record time has after all been a key part of Formula 1’s early beginnings. Although timepieces and watches no longer play a role in determining the winners of Formula 1 races these days, watches still play a significant role in the world of Formula 1; whether as the sponsors of major racing events or worn by drivers as a crucial statement piece.

Lewis Hamilton is a name that is recognised even by those who are not plugged into the Formula 1 world. As the joint record holder for the most championship titles, Hamilton has been by far the most successful driver of the past decade and is known for his activism outside the racetrack. Alongside his former teammate Balterri Bottas at Mercedes, Hamilton has been known for his IWC Big Pilot. A classic timepiece from the Swiss watchmaker, the Big Pilot is renowned for its reliability; able to endure the most demanding physical conditions due to its stainless steel case. The Big Pilot’s large watch face is a reminder of the company’s aviation history and is a statement piece in any timepiece collection.

Fellow rivals, Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez on the Red Bull team, are known for their TAG Heuer timepieces. As the exclusive sponsors of the Red Bull team, the Swiss watchmakers have a storied history with the world of F1. Having sponsored the sport since 1968, the brand has been so interlinked that they have released their own range of Formula 1 timepieces that embody the essence of the F1 world. 

Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda from the AlphaTauri team are known for sporting Casio watches. The Japanese company is renowned for their ability to produce quality watches at an affordable price. With their distinctive charm and look, Casio watches are instantly recognizable and often hold a sentimental value for watch collectors, as they usually form the first watch purchase when starting a collection.

Enjoy watching the Bahrain Grand Prix this month and keep a look-out for a few of these timepieces and more!


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