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Article: Summer with Rapport

Summer with Rapport

Summer with Rapport

At last, summer is here. It is the season for travel and indulgence, adventure and relaxation, where the hot days give way to long, balmy evenings. Summer is the time that sees the world comes alive, with all of us spending as much time outside as possible, whether it be in parks or restaurants and bars. It is also the season that most profoundly affects our wardrobe, with the layers of spring being cast aside for options more affable to the summer sun.

When the season calls for a minimalist wardrobe in which cool, collected comfort reigns supreme, we all find ourselves needing to pay more attention to finishing touches and fine details. Watches, cufflinks, rings and other precious accessories take centre stage, allowing us to add sparks of style and individuality into our summer outfits. Likewise, bulky personal items like wallets must be downplayed and reduced, with low-profile options being ready to slide into your pocket at a moment’s notice.

Here at Rapport, we offer a range of items that help you fulfil your summer needs, whether you are spending the dog days holidaying locally, nationally or internationally.

For when you are out and about enjoying the heat, and heading to coffee houses or cocktail bars, consider taking the Rapport Director’s Range Card Holder with you. With its crocodile-effect patterned leather exterior and black suede lining, it is designed perfectly for the most discerning of gentlemen. And aside from practical considerations, the slim-line and efficient cut of the Director's Range Card Holder allows it to sit flush in a jacket or trouser pocket without interrupting the lines of your outfit.

Rapport Director’s Range Card Holder

While some restrictions remain in place and holidays abroad may still lie in confusion, many of us have opted to spend one more summer vacationing from home. While this might involve compromise and an altered perspective on what a vacation entails, it does bless you with ready access to your entire watch collection. And we think you will agree, this is never a bad thing. The Rapport Formula Six Watch Winder ensures that your automatic timepieces are ready whenever they are needed. Available in ebony or carbon fibre, each carrying three detailed stripes that are unique to the range, the Formula Six Watch Winder features a lockable glass frontage for both security and display.

Formula Six Watch Winder

If you find yourself in the position to travel nationally or - dare we dream - internationally, then Rapport has just the journey companion for you. The Rapport Hyde Park Watch roll is one of our premier offerings, with a versatile design and luxurious aesthetic. The case can securely hold three watches or, with the centre cushion removed, carry two watches and a selection of cufflinks or other small jewellery items. The removable watch cushion can also operate as a single watch roll, complete with its very own leather casing - perfect for impromptu overnight retreats. If you would like to learn more about the Rapport Hyde Park collection, you can read its story here.

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