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Article: Do You Need a Watch Winder?

Perpetua III Duo Watch Winder

Do You Need a Watch Winder?

As a watch admirer, enthusiast and collector, you will likely have come across watch winders. From single watch winders to ten- strong winding cabinets, the devices can seem slightly alien to the uninitiated, with their use and requirement being something of an unknown quantity. Here at Rapport, we have decided to demystify watch winders and cut down to the question at the heart of it all: do you need a watch winder, and if not, what do you need?

Why you might need a watch winder

A watch winder removes the inconvenience of manually winding and resetting an automatic watch after a few days of not wearing it. If you have more than one watch that requires regular winding, some larger watch winders will even keep multiple timepieces primed and ready to don at a moments notice. Anyone with vintage watches without quick-set functionality will also understand the benefit of a watch winder’s gentle turning, as will those with a single automatic watch worn intermittently.

Contrary to some expectations, a quality watch winder poses no threat to the longevity of a watch. When properly implemented, a winder keeps the mainspring wound by gently mimicking the movements of a wrist. In fact, if your collection includes complex calendar displays, including perpetual, complete, and annual calendars and moon-phase displays, then a winder is highly recommended. As the winder operates, it moves the mechanisms inside the watch. In turn, the movement agitates the oils and lubricants, preventing them from gathering and ceasing the workings - an essential benefit, helping the device keep time and maintain its service interval.

Aside from convenience and watch longevity, a watch winder itself is a thing of beauty. At Rapport, our Perpetua and Formula ranges of watch winder are testaments to this fact. Each design is wholly unique, timeless and refined while carrying practical, customisable winding controls. The Perpetua offers a protected environment for a collection, with a luxurious suede lining and a high-gloss exterior. By contrast, the Formula range features a contemporary carbon fibre body with a glass front panel, allowing the fine pieces of a collection to be displayed and admired.

Formula Quad Watch Winder

Why you might not need a watch winder

Though watch winders play a valuable role in watch maintenance, one might not always be necessary for you. If you have a smaller collection and regularly rotate between watches or have one piece that spends more time on your wrist than not, a watch winder is probably surplus to requirement until your collection has grown.

In such situations, it is best to invest in a quality watch case, roll or box. These compact yet elegant storage methods protect your prized timepieces while they are away from your wrist and have the additional benefits of being perfect for travel. The Director’s Range Single Watch Roll, Hyde Park Two Watch Zip Case and Berkeley Double Watch Slip Case are keen examples of such a solution and the fine craftsmanship found at Rapport.

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