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Article: Rapport in 2021

Rapport in 2021

Rapport in 2021

In 1898, Maurice A. Rapport produced his first timepiece, and with this, gave birth to M.A. Rapport & Co. Through innovation and quality service, the Rapport name moved from strength to strength and quickly becoming synonymous with the finest craftsmanship.

122-years later and four generations down the line, the family business continues to embody and further this legacy. Now of international renown and prestige, Rapport is still creating products, only now they cater for the 21st century’s most discerning clientele.

But, how have they done it? It’s simple. By staying true to Maurice A. Rapport’s original philosophy: the product and the customer sit at the forefront of every decision. Doing so means moving with the times and approaching new technologies, fashions and customer needs proactively and with great enthusiasm.

Bringing sophistication to contemporary solutions, Rapport has successfully merged its horological traditions with electrical engineering and cabinet making to develop some of the world’s greatest watch winders. Rapport watch winders fuse horological expertise with precise engineering to ensure that watch collections are taken care of and treated with the respect they deserve.

Rapport also recognises that prestige and lineage are not the only draws for its clients; it is also the craftsmanship, attention to detail and keen aesthetic sensibilities. In response, Rapport’s range has extended away from the purely horological roots and into lifestyle and decor. Rapport’s handcrafted travel accessories, jewellery boxes and travel cases ensure that the modern traveller is well furnished. Similarly, luxury pieces such as the Brompton Deluxe Accessory Trunk and the Optima Time Capsule can take price of place in any home.

EVO Single Watch Winder WhiteThere are some items, such as the our Watch Winders, that demonstrate starkly how much Rapport has changed over its tenure. We are always looking for new and improved technologies, recently upgrading our EVO range so that they run virtually silent and batteries last longer. It’s fair to say that things have changed significantly since Maurice A. Rapport put the final touches on his first watch over a century ago.

From its earliest days, Rapport has desired to be a global brand providing the best for its customers through handcrafted precision, and investment in progression and technology. Rapport takes great pride in all they do, and long will this continue.


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