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Article: Our Christmas Gifting Guide

Our Christmas Gifting Guide

Our Christmas Gifting Guide

It’s hard to believe how quickly this time of year has approached us.

Only weeks ago, the sun’s rays gleamed down with a radiant heat, glazing the landscape with a bright glow. The air carried smells of suncream, barbecues, and freshly-mown grass as we made the most of the warmer weather.

Now, however, festive lights are beginning to line high streets and shopping centres across the country. Chilling winds bluster through city centres, stinging the ears, cheeks, and noses of eager holiday shoppers. Early afternoon skies transform into navy blue canvases littered with speckling stars. Despite the clocks going back, it still feels too early to get dark.

Christmas is well and truly around the corner.

The changing weather is a reminder that this time of the year brings an added dimension of retail difficulty. Time is running out.

At Rapport London, we understand the importance of the holiday season as a time of togetherness and festivity. As such, we want to help inspire as impactful a celebration as possible. Not only will these selected items make Christmas a success this year, but will continue to bring watch connoisseurs ample joy for many more to come.

For the family member or dear friend who demonstrates clear refinement and a passion for horology, our Vantage Eight Watch Boxes are the perfect gift to ensure their collection remains as pristine as possible. Our boxes facilitate optimum organisation and safety, complete with individual compartments for each piece and a lock and key security system.

We have designed every model to preserve and protect with adjustable cushioned interiors and suede lining cradling your recipient’s most prized possessions. Whilst their robust functionality is clear to see, we have applied a similar level of detail to their finishes. Between the smooth leather of the Vantage model, the Heritage’s high-gloss finish, and the Optic’s proud display window, style is certainly of the essence.

Brompton Three Watch Roll

Offering a lighter option perfect for shorter trips away, our Brompton Three Watch Rolls have been refined over decades of fine-tuning. Presenting the ideal storage solution for a select portion of your recipient’s collection, the model affords a robust and practical solution for any watch enthusiast on the road. With its textured crocodile leather finish, glistening chrome buckle, and sleek suede interior, we believe the Brompton Three is a symbol of sophistication and elegance suitable for your loved ones this Christmas.

Formula Watch Stand

Whilst our previous two suggestions are the ultimate gifts for transit, our final recommendation is built to stand proud at home. Boasting a high gloss finish and premium leather cushions, both Formula Watch Stands have been crafted to draw full attention to the stunning timepiece they so gloriously display. Available in Black Gold, Black Silver, and Carbon Fibre finishes, and with the option of an accompanying tray for Airpods, cufflinks, or jewellery, we guarantee that our Stands will match the quality of your recipient’s favourite watch.

Evo Watch Winder

Finally, a product that will slot perfectly into your home life and a the perfect gift for any Watch Connoisseur, novice or experienced, the Evo. Available in a range of colours, the Evo has been designed and developed to be collected together, while also being the centre of attention on its own. With a precision-crafted wood with eight layer lacquer coat finish, this winder is a must have throughout the year.

From all at Rapport London, we hope that our suggestions help you to enjoy a wonderful Christmas and New Year.


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