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Article: It’s Almost Gifting Season

It’s Almost Gifting Season

It’s Almost Gifting Season

The beginning of November is often the first sign that we are entering the colder winter months. Winter brings greyer skies, shorter days and colder temperatures. November also brings the early signs of Christmas and the busy holiday season ahead despite all of this gloom. The holiday season represents a time for many to get together with their loved ones - whether it's having a meal, going on holiday or simply spending some quality time.

The holiday season also signals the busy gift-giving season. Some are already well prepared, having organised and bought gifts well before the end of the year, while others take a more last- minute approach to gift buying. Whichever gift giving styles you fall within, Rapport London is ready to provide a helping hand on picking the perfect gift this Christmas. Read on for three of our recommended gifts from Rapport London this year.

The Vantage Three Watch Roll

Our Vantage Three Watch Roll is one such product that makes the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones this year. Expertly crafted in a unique hexagonal shape, the Vantage Watch Roll is an excellent addition for any seasoned watch collector or someone just starting their timepiece collection. The unique shape of the watch roll is complemented by the beautiful range of colours - available in Ebony, Serpentine or Earth smooth genuine leather.

The interior of the watch roll is equally as impressive. With three separate suede cushions and leather dividers, the Vantage Watch Roll provides a secure and stylish storage option when on the go. With a simple tab for closure, it ensures your timepiece collection is stored safely inside while making it easy to quickly take out a watch when needed.

Formula Quad Watch Winder

Formula Quad Watch Winder

One of the most-coveted products in our range of watch winders, the Formula Quad Watch Winder is a must-have for watch collectors worldwide. The Formula Watch Winder embodies the expertise and excellence that Rapport is known for in the world of watch winders. Available in either carbon fibre or black finish, the sleek design and features of Formula Quad Watch Winder make it stand out from the competition.

Featuring a lockable front glass door, the Watch Winder holds up to four automatic watches - with the ability to set a unique setting for each of the watches. The interior is lined with soft feel velvet and features interior lighting. With an adjustable leather watch holder, the watch winder can accommodate all types of timepieces in your collection. Put simply; the Formula Quad Watch Winder is the perfect place to store your watches when at home.

Portobello Watch Box

Portobello Watch Box

While cold temperatures and dark skies are all too typical in winter, the Portobello Watch Box can bring a warmer and vibrant feel to your home this Christmas. Inspired by the bright houses and extravagant markets of Notting Hill, the Portobello Watch Box is a beautifully crafted hexagonal watch box available in six bright colours.

The watch box can hold up to three separate watches. Each watch pouch is crafted from matching leather to give the interior a distinctively sleek look. The interior is lined with a creamy bright suede which is complemented by the bright premium leather exterior. There's little doubt that the Portobello Watch Box will make an eye-catching gift this Christmas!


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