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Article: New lines and new variations: End summer with Rapport

New lines and new variations: End summer with Rapport

New lines and new variations: End summer with Rapport

As the August bank holiday quickly disappears into our rearview mirror, it can mean only one thing: the end of summer is nearing, and the cool airs of autumn are well on their way. Like ourselves, we do not doubt that you are sad to see the back of the warmer seasons. However, at Rapport, we have to admit to having some secrets that have eased our woes. And now that we can reveal them, we have a hunch that you might find them some consolation, too.

Of course, we are talking about the arrival of new product ranges and welcome additions to some firm favourites. Read on to have just a glimpse at what the autumn months have to offer you as a distinguished watch collector.

The Heritage Watch Box

The much-coveted Rapport Heritage Eight Watch Box is the first of our products to bring us joy as we mourn summer’s end. A familiar product to any watch connoisseur, the Heritage Watch Box is well-known as a prestige handcrafted home for a significant wristwatch collection. Not only is it practical and secure, the Heritage Watch Box is noted for its stunning lacquered finish, which lets users peek at the smooth and flowing grain of the stained wooden construction.

While the decision to invest in a Heritage Watch Box has never been a difficult choice, we are making one thing a little more trying for our clients: we have added two new colours to the range. In addition to the red and grey finishes, the Heritage Watch Box is now available in a stunning green and a bold blue. Which is right for you? It is a tough choice...

The Kensington Two Watch Box

Available in grey, tan or blue, the Kensington Two Watch Box is a versatile and sophisticated piece, handcrafted in fine leather and finished with studded leather surrounds. Unique among other Rapport watch boxes, the Kensington is aligned vertically. This watch box can be used at the home or office to store your favourite watches, either out on display or placed neatly into a drawer.

While both watches sit on reshapable suede cushions, the rear holder has a little trick up its sleeve. The next time you are heading away for a city break or work trip, simply slip the rear cushion out of the box and voilà! you have yourself a single watch case for travel. Encased in its own leather exterior with secure fastenings, this mini Kensington travel case can easily sit in an overnight bag, safely protecting your prized Rolex or Hublot.

A hint at what’s to come?

The Heritage Eight Watch Box is not the only established product in the Rapport catalogue receiving some extra attention this year. We will not spoil the surprise here, but rest assured that another firm favourite and staple of Rapport is also coming in for an all-new look. Watch this space!

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