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Article: Kicking off the College Football Season

Kicking off the College Football Season

Kicking off the College Football Season

The college football season, which runs from August to January, is a huge component of many students' college experiences and a wonderful opportunity to bring people together. It's a terrific way to connect with people who share the same passion for sports, whether you're on the team or just watching from the stands. The tension created by the crowd's anxious cheering and the adrenaline one experiences while the scores between the home and away teams are close, making them wonder if they will score the winning touchdown. Each game deserves to be watched in style, with a suave watch on your wrist counting down the seconds of each quarter. Here at Rapport we have a way to keep your valuable time pieces safe and secure!

Vantage Three Watch Roll
As a team player, it's important to keep your valuables safe whilst unattended in locker rooms. We have the perfect watch case for this, our Vantage Three Watch Roll is one of the best ways to do so! This watch case has three compartments and is an excellent way to store more than one timepiece, whether it be your own or your teammates! This watch roll is perfect for travel. It is available in three different colours; Ebony, Serpentine or Earth which is all made from real leather.

Marlow Single Watch RollThe Marlow Single Watch Roll is another way to store a timepiece and will be a great talking point in the stand as you're waiting for the game to begin or the half time to pass by. This watch case is a redesign of our most popular watch roll and has a trendy design! It has a snake skin effect on the leather and is available in three colours of red, white and black, as well as having two suede flaps to protect your watch!

Berkeley Single Watch Slipcase
The Berkeley Single Watch Slipcase is made from pebble grain leather, with suede lining on the inside and is currently available in the colours tan and black. Once you slide away the top of the case, there is a cut out section for your watch to be securely placed - so there’s no chance of your watch scoring a touchdown, whilst you’re cheering in the stands! It’s compact and perfect for travelling to an away game.


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