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Article: Is the 90s Vintage?

Is the 90s Vintage?

Is the 90s Vintage?

The 90s was a strange period where everything and anything could happen, from the beanie babies craze, the creation of the World Wide Web and the anarchy of the Y2K scare. But out of these quarrelsome times, the undeniable fact is that the style was impeccable. So much so that in recent times this style has gone through the test of time, with it coming back around 20 years later. All the baggy trousers, bomber jackets and slip dresses are coming back, which also means those sleek watch designs are too. So we’d like to take you through some 90s speedmasters that have not only stood the test of time but will also measure it for you.

A specific series of Speedmaster is, in particular, some of our favourites, and that, of course, being the models associated with F1 legend Michael Schumacher, while the case is downsized to 39mm from the usual 42mm of the professional, they made up for it with visually fascinating designs. For vintage watches like these, you'd expect them to be ridiculously priced right? Fortunately, you can find these watches in the price range of $3,000-$4,500.

Omega Speedmaster Racing 3518.50.00(Image Credit

Our first vintage piece is the Omega Speedmaster Racing 3518.50.00, you can trace the model's roots back to the era of the calibre 321 Speedy with the reference 145.012-67, it’s an elegant piece with a silver body and a boast of maroon and orange in the second's track that create a stylish finish, a great affordable watch into the speedy racing dial world.

We would recommend pairing this vintage piece with our Berkeley Single Watch Roll, the ideal single watch roll which can be used to store your timepiece during travel or for storage at home.

Omega Speedmaster Racing 3510.61.00(Image Credit Hodinkee)

The next speedy watch is a beautiful blue dial Omega Speedmaster Racing 3510.61.00. With the logo “CART” on the six o’clock sundial, this isn’t a reference to Schumacher's start in karting, it’s referencing the Championship Auto Racing Teams' logo, a race series which ran for 24 years between 1979-2003. Just the logo itself really makes the watch stand out, which is only added upon by the brilliant blue colour dial surrounding it, hence with all the colour and logos, it makes it a true ’90s masterpiece nonetheless.

A watch coloured in the infamous ‘race red’, a shade of red that Ferrari used in some of its most iconic road-legal and race cars the Omega Speedmaster Racing 3510.61.00. Schumacher raced for Ferrari from 1996 to 2006, winning five of his seven world titles, he was unstoppable. Unsurprisingly at that point, he was the highest-paid athlete in the world. Hence this timekeeper is the perfect watch to honour this time. With yellow accents that perfectly match the ‘race red’ aesthetic, this piece speaks volumes about Ferrari's dominance in the '90s.

We would recommend pairing this standout piece with our Portobello Watch Pouch, the perfect combination of modern and traditional.

Omega Speedmaster Racing 3517.30.00(Image Credit

With a chequered dial surrounded by deep red and bright orange hour marks, it doesn’t get any more 90’s than this, the Omega Speedmaster Racing 3517.30.00, a limited edition that looks like it just came into the pits from a race track, with a racing heritage so distinct and at the same time perfectly encapsulates the 90’s, it’s a beautiful and perfect watch for any collector with a passion for racing.

Whether you like the ’90s style or not because you're surely going to stumble across it again one of these days, but with watches like these it's hard not to like. But like all vintage pieces, the test of time is still just as if not more applicable to them, so if protection is needed for any of those timeless time-keepers, Rapport London has all you need.

We would recommend pairing this limited edition piece with our Hyde Park Leather Watch Pouch, handcrafted in a butter soft leather and expert stitching.


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