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Article: How Best to Store your Jewellery

How Best to Store your Jewellery

How Best to Store your Jewellery

The importance of taking care of your jewellery collection is something that Rapport London understands and cherishes. As with a timepiece collection, a jewellery collection holds special sentimental value to everyone. Each jewellery piece tells a unique story and represents emotional moments, experiences, and memories that other objects in our life very rarely do. At Rapport London, our range of jewellery accessories, from boxes, trunks to rolls, make sure you can securely store all your jewellery pieces in one place, so you can continue to cherish the memories that each jewellery piece holds in your life.

For a unique sense of style, our Amour Deluxe Jewellery Trunk ticks all the boxes. Featuring a colourful peacock leather exterior with a snakeskin effect pattern that is sure to catch everyone’s eye, the Amour Deluxe Jewellery Trunk has multiple compartments to store every piece of your jewellery collection. With a matching plush soft suede lining, you can be assured that all your jewellery pieces can be stored away securely and with the utmost care. Finally, the trunk comes complete with two watch cushion drawers,, so you can even store your favourite timepieces along with your treasured jewellery pieces. Available in two distinct options; a blue or pink snakeskin pattern.

Sloane Jewellery CaseFor a compact storage solution, we recommend our Sloane Jewellery Case. One of our latest additions to our women’s collection, the Sloane Jewellery Case features a chic snakeskin-effect leather exterior with three colourful colour options to choose from. With multiple compartments and a premium soft suede lined interior, the Sloane Jewellery Case is the perfect way to store your favourite jewellery pieces when out and about or simply at home.

Finally, for those looking for a storage accessory smaller than our large Amour Jewellery Trunk but offering more space than our compact Sloane Jewellery Case, the Jessica Jewellery Box is the perfect option for you. Available in three beautiful pastel colours of pink, turquoise and beige, the Jessica Jewellery Box is an elegant way to showcase all of your jewellery. The gorgeous jewellery box is lined with beige soft suede to keep your jewellery pieces damage-free. Featuring multiple compartments of different sizes and a removable top layer, the jewellery box is capable of storing many more pieces than at first glance. Finally, the jewellery box is finished with solve fitments and a lovely smooth leather finish that highlights the elegant aesthetics of the storage accessory.

Jessica Jewellery BoxJewellery collections hold a very important place in people’s hearts. Whether they are intrinsically tied to special occasions, remind us of the people closest to use or have a unique story attached to them, caring for your jewellery collection is essential. Find the perfect storage accessory for your own personal jewellery collection from a few of the options highlighted above.


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