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Article: Fast Forward to British Summer Time

Fast Forward to British Summer Time

Fast Forward to British Summer Time

British Summer Time began once again this year, with the clocks going forward an hour at exactly 1:00 am last Sunday. For everyone waking up on Sunday morning, this was met with a mix of annoyance, confusion, and tiredness as it meant one hour less of sleep and the inevitable need to adjust any clocks – the one on the microwave, the clock on the wall that’s too high to reach - that still haven’t automatically changed times.

All the clocks going forward an hour gives us hopefully an extra hour of sunlight in the evening. With the sunny weather across the UK recently along with the warmer summer months ahead, an extra hour of sun in the evening is certainly something to celebrate.

However, for those who don’t rely solely on your smartphone for telling the time, the switch to British Summer Time can be annoying and time-consuming. Going through your timepieces to readjust the time to go forward an hour can be a chore. But it’s also a time that many reconnect with a timepiece in their collection that they haven’t used in a very long time. For the watches and timepieces you might be rediscovered this week while adjusting the time, here are three products from Rapport London that will keep those watches ticking in perfect condition.

If you’ve just rediscovered a favourite timepiece this week, the EVO Single Watch Winder is the perfect accessory for you. Rapport’s best-selling watch winder, the EVO comes in a wide range of sleek, high gloss colours to bring all the attention to your timepiece. Crafted from wood and applied with eight layers of lacquer to create a sleek finish, the variety of colours and patterns means there is always an EVO Watch Winder that will suit your unique aesthetic taste. From our more classic colours such as Crimson Red to our more unique patterns like Macassar Wood and Carbon Fibre, the EVO Watch Winder will fit perfectly in any surroundings.

With a luxury black leather watch carrier and adjustable side clips, the EVO Watch Winder can be fitted to a huge variety of watches; whatever the shape or size. With multiple levels of control and three direction setting, the EVO Watch Winder will ensure your timepiece is stored and maintained securely.

Perpetua III Duo Watch WinderFor those looking for a more modern design, the Perpetua III Duo Watch Winder is the answer. Featuring a luxurious lacquered finish and chrome fittings, the Perpetua III Duo Watch Winder has all the hallmarks of subtle modern design. With a soft velvet interior and two leather adjustable watch cushions, the Perpetua III Duo can securely store two timepieces in a stunningly designed watch winder. For the added precision and personalisation, the Perpetua III Duo features a touch screen LCD panel used to control the direction and speed of the watch winders, so they can be matched with the specifications of your own watch collection.

Finally, for those who have rediscovered quite a few old watches this week while adjusting the time forward an hour, the Paramount Nine Watch Winder is the perfect way to store, maintain and showcase these timepieces. With the capacity to store nine timepieces in a beautiful frame, the Paramount Watch Winder features luxurious high-gloss exterior and a soft feel velvet lined interior for a premium look. Available in either an Ebony Black or Walnut variety, the Paramount Watch Winder brings a new level of elegance to your timepiece collection. With a lockable glass door, chrome fittings and interior lighting, the Paramount Watch Winder brings all the attention straight to your watches, highlighting the intricate detail and craftsmanship of your precious timepiece collection.

Paramount Nine Watch Winder

With an adjustable leather watch holder, the Paramount can accommodate a huge range of timepieces, ensuring you can showcase every watch in your collection no matter the size or shape. Finally, with a touch screen LCD, the Paramount can easily adjust the direction and speed of the watch winders to keep your automatic watches safe and ticking smoothly.

Whether you have rediscovered one timepiece or a whole set of watches you haven’t worn in a while this week, take advantage of Rapport London’s wide range of watch winders, so you can securely store your watches and beautifully showcase them.


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