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Article: Where to Find Rapport London

Where to Find Rapport London

Where to Find Rapport London

Shopping for watch winders and watch accessories has changed considerably since Rapport London was founded over 115 years ago. Whereas visiting physical stores used to be the sole means of buying watch winders, nowadays, there are a multitude of ways of buying watch winders, making it easier and more accessible for watch enthusiasts everywhere. 

For Rapport London, our commitment to innovation has meant we understood the importance of establishing an online shopfront. Watch collectors and enthusiasts are now able to buy the full range of Rapport London products wherever they are; no longer restricted to how close they lived to a physical store. Our online store has also helped us reach a wider audience than ever before, introducing more people to the world of watch collecting through an accessible and easy to use platform.

We have strived to make online shopping an easy and enjoyable experience for all watch enthusiasts. Through our online store, customers are able to see our entire collection and receive our products in as little as a few days. With vivid and detailed product images, customers are able to feel as though they are seeing the product in their hands - on as close as digitally possible. All of our products feature detailed information to help customers choose a suitable watch winder or accessory that fits their needs.

Our one-to-one video concierge service brings a level of expertise and customer care that truly replicates the experience of buying a Rapport London product in store. Whether you are simply searching for the perfect gift for your loved ones or deciding on which watch box to buy, our dedicated concierge service brings expertise and knowledge straight to you. With a click of a button, you can book a dedicated time slot and a member of the Rapport London staff will answer any questions you might have and guide you through a video call.

Even with all the benefits of shopping online, there is nothing that can replicate the experience of being in-store. For those who still prefer the experience of seeing watch winders on hand and being able to have a hands-on demonstration and look at a product, there are a multitude of options for Rapport London products. Rapport London continues to be stocked at a wide range of retailers and stores.

For our customers living in the United Kingdom, our Rapport London products are stocked in the famous luxury department store of Harrods in Knightsbridge, London. 

Those living in North America have the opportunity to view Rapport London in Saks Fifth Avenue luxury department stores. A wide range of our Rapport London can be found at ‘The Vault’ - a new lower ground floor dedicated to luxury watches at the Saks Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan.

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