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Article: We Say ‘Oui’ To These Watches

We Say ‘Oui’ To These Watches

We Say ‘Oui’ To These Watches

The annual celebration of Bastille Day, commonly referred to as the French National Day (Fête Nationale), honours the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789, which took place during the French Revolution. Parades of Military forces, fireworks, concerts, and balls are typical celebrations that happen on the day. Thousands of Parisians broke into the prison on July 14, 1789, to protest King Louis XVI's abuse of authority. It was a pivotal point in the uprising that overthrew the monarchy and has helped foster the “fighting spirit”that France is well known for having today!

While France is well-known for many things, including its architecture, landscapes, cuisine and their literature, they have also made significant contributions to the worlds of fashion and jewellery over the years. They have given us fashion houses like Celine, Dior, and Chanel as well as iconic jewellery houses like Cartier, Bregeut, Dodane, and Yema, which are among our personal favourites here at Rapport. We highlight the timepieces from those brands that we particularly like and pair them with Rapport goods that would complement them wonderfully. Because these watches are classic objects, they must be coupled up with classic items!

Formula Watch Winder

If you want quick access to watches you wear more regularly, the Formula Watch Stand is ideal for you. It has a gloss base and a leather cushion to hold up your precious watch and is available in three different finishes. When thinking of this watch stand, one imagines the Yema wrist matcher explorer. It draws inspiration from dress wrist matchers from the 1960s. It has an automated movement with a diameter of 37 mm by 48 mm. A leather band is also included. It is ideal to wear regularly because it is such a classic timepiece.

Romer Six Watch Winder

One of the most recognisable jewellery brands in the world, Cartier has cultivated a spotless reputation over the years with a variety of collectors' goods, such as the LA PANTHRE DE CARTIER WATCH. The watch has a 22.2 mm quartz movement. Featuring a stunning total weight of 2.76 carats in 572 brilliant-cut diamonds! With our Romer Watch Winder, a watch this magnificent may be kept away safely and securely. Both fingerprint access and a touchscreen control panel are included with this watch storage. In addition, it has six watch storage compartments, is made of genuine leather, and has a velveteen interior.

Heritage Ten Watch Box

Ten different watches can be stored in our Heritage Watch Box. It is made by hand, features a veneer finish, movable cushions, and a suede interior. The heritage ten watch box would store a classic brand such as a Breguet, the Breguet classique 7147 model in particular with its alligator leather strap that can be changed in six different positions. Its self-winding movement is calibrated at 502.3 sd, and its diameter is 40 MM. Breguet are known for their timeless watch pieces and their ageless frames. 

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