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Article: Travel abroad with Rapport’s luxury accessories

Travel abroad with Rapport’s luxury accessories

Travel abroad with Rapport’s luxury accessories

It has been a long year of restrictions and, though they have been necessary, we all find ourselves itching for an escape. Thankfully and joyously, as the limitations on foreign travel ease, the promise of a holiday abroad is within our grasp. Once again, there are warm climates and pastures new on the horizon.

As we regain our freedom to travel, we also reclaim the freedom of spontaneity. Many months have passed since any of us have been able to strike out on impromptu getaways to the continent and beyond, and its return fills us all with excitement for a number of reasons. While international travel allows us to visit the hotels, restaurants and bars that we have been dreaming about for the last twelve months, it also provides us the opportunity to showcase new looks, styles and, of course, our finest watches and items of jewellery.

Whether you are heading to the cafes and restaurants of Paris or the sun-bleached oceanic promenades of Nice, as you quickly pack carry-on luggage you need to be sure that the finest items in your collections are safe and sound. As always, we at Rapport of London offer a range of travel-ready products that match the elegance of the pieces they carry.

 The Rapport Director's Range Single Watch Roll is the ideal travel accessory for owners of the finest timepieces. Perfectly sized for slipping into a travel bag, the roll keeps a watch protected from scratches and scuffs on its transit from your watch winder to the hotel suite. Designed in-house by our director, the Single Watch Roll carries a suitably distinguished and luxurious aesthetic: the black crocodile-effect leather holds a gravitas that is complemented to perfection by the plush, black suede lining. You can travel in comfort knowing that when its tab closure snaps into place, that your watch is in safe hands.

Naturally, the perfect watch deserves to harmonise with your cufflinks - the second most important adornment to any well-dressed man’s wrist. And, in the spirit of this coordination, Rapport offers the Director’s Range Cufflink Box. Finished in the same refined and handcrafted styling as the Director’s Range Single Watch Roll, the Cufflink Box is another essential carry-on accessory for those last-minute dashes to the airport. And, as should be the case for all of the best travel accessories, the Cufflink Box is versatile. Thanks to its organisation dividers, it can also hold rings, necklaces, tie clips or other small, precious goods alongside the cufflinks.

 While it is no surprise that we at Rapport hold watches in the highest of regards, we also understand the role that jewellery plays in elevating a sophisticated and well-considered ensemble. However, carrying loose and unorganised jewellery while travelling abroad is not an option. This is where the Rapport Aria Jewellery Roll comes into its own. Constructed of the finest soft-leather and hand-stitched cream suede lining, the Aria has several features providing safe and elegant storage for your most precious items. There is a cylindrical ring holder, two leather earring straps and two zipped pockets, which keep necklaces and bracelets from becoming tangled during your journey.

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