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Article: The Rise of ‘Latina’ Fashion Icons

The Rise of ‘Latina’ Fashion Icons

The Rise of ‘Latina’ Fashion Icons

Over the years, the image of the Latin woman has been associated with the stereotype of "sexy and intense" - which is often true. But, the real quality that all Latinas have in common is strength and determination. From designers who dress the most important first ladies in the world to singers and princesses, South America found its way into the world of fashion.

Pioneers like the most recognized soprano in the world Yma Súmac or the first Hispanic to conquer Hollywood, Dolores del Río, helped reimagine the idea of ​​what fashion should look like, putting the Latina female figure in front and centre of everyone's work. Today, Latinas from around the world share authenticity and a commitment for diversity, sustainability, and community empowerment.

From Fashion Model Directory and Carolina Herrera's Instagram

In design, Carolina Herrera is known worldwide as a luxury fashion icon. This Venezuelan mogul has conquered the world building an empire that represents timeless elegance preferred by celebrities, royals and public figures.

The entertainment world was also impacted by the Puerto Rican world-known singer Jennifer Lopez and the famous Mexican actress Salma Hayek. Remember when the Internet broke the first time the world saw JLO wearing the green Versace dress? It was so legendary that the designer decided to update the look for Versace's 2020 fall fashion closing show. Likewise, Salma Hayek has been uncountable times, the muse for designers around the world.

On this special blog, we also need to include the Peruvian Alessandra de Osma - designer, lawyer and who is now part of the royal family of Hanover. True to her Latin roots, Sassa loves prints, ruffles, embroidery and colourful gowns.

Another it-girl is the Brazilian Camila Coelho, who you might have seen in different fashion covers from all over the world. Her captivating style made her to be considered as one of the most important trendsetters.

Latin America is a region characterised by its cultural richness that continues to inspire design, interior escapism or architecture - and we are no strangers to this. Throughout the years, the contributions of the Latina women have grown profoundly and Rapport celebrates their heritage on the global stage. Its culture, colours and flavours created a mix full of inspiration for us to develop pieces in vibrant colours and in different prints such as Sloane Jewellery Case and Portobello Watch Pouch and Portobello Watch Box - perfect pieces where modern and traditional are combined.

Like a Pandora box, Sloane Jewellery Case is immaculately covered in an elegant snakeskin effect leather and when you open it, you are amazed with its lined in premium soft suede interior that matches the exterior colour way. On the other hand, the Portobello collection - watch box & watch pouch, comes in five different vibrant colours that will transport you to any paradisiac atmosphere.


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