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Article: The Perfect Wedding Guest

The Perfect Wedding Guest

The Perfect Wedding Guest

The months of planning and getting everything ready for your one big day, some say to be the best day they’ve ever had. You have the perfect dress or suit with beautiful accessories and an even more perfect bride or groom to match. So don’t stop the perfection, as when it comes to dressing those accessories, Rapport London can make them the second-best looking in the room (after the bride of course).

So, whether it's watches or necklaces, Rapport London can make sure your jewellery and watches are ready for any occasion.

Jessica Jewellery BoxThe best part about a wedding is obviously creating those vows that will keep you and your love entangled for life, the other best part is the generosity you may receive from the family. So, if you got double the amount of jewellery and nowhere to put it, look no further than Rapport London as the Jessica, our medium-sized jewellery box, is beautifully designed with smooth leather with two layers for storage. In addition, it is lined with the softness suede with multiple compartments for all those new jewellery pieces you may have acquired, and to ensure their safety it is finished with silver fitments and lock and key.

Brompton Five Watch Box
So, you have got yourself a beautiful watch for a high price, only for those very special occasions such as your wedding. But where do you keep this timeless watch while you await that special day? In our Brompton 5-piece Watch Box of course, which can fit up to 5 of your priceless timepieces and a stylish place to store and protect your watches when they are not on your wrist. A chocolate brown or black crocodile-effect leather covers the box, with a matching soft suede interior and finished with gold fitments and a lock and key. Lay it to rest in your dressing room or display cabinet in your home, you can be ensured that your watches will be in perfect condition for your special day.

Perpetua III Single Watch Winder
When the bells are ringing and that special day comes to you, the last thing you want is for your watch not to be wound up properly, and there is no better place to protect and preserve your precious timepieces than with one of our luxury watch winders. Such as The Perpetua III Single Watch Winder, available in a Black or Walnut finish with Chrome or Gold-plated fitment compliments. It works meticulously, and precisely, and is a marvel to watch. Its luxurious lacquered finish is a classic design that has been reinvented throughout the years. While the leather cushions let the watch rest, the LCD control panel lets you set your preferred settings for your fine watch and automatically rotates your watch when you’re not wearing it.

Here at Rapport London wish the best to all of you happy new weds, and if some storage and protection are what you need for your precious jewellery and watches, look no further, as we’re sure no matter what it is we have the perfect product for you.


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