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Article: The New Rules of Business Casual

The New Rules of Business Casual

The New Rules of Business Casual

With the final throes of the pandemic lifting across the world, we’re all adjusting to the return to normality. Whilst some have learned to love the comforts of working from home, many are excited at the prospect of returning to the office.

Whilst flicking open your laptop with the feet up on the sofa is great, and employing a strict WFB (work from bed, of course) policy on a groggy Monday morning can have its benefits, getting back into the office will have many excited at the increased productivity and collaboration that it can bring.

But if we’re all going to be heading back into the office, we will all take inspiration from our home comforts that have served us so well over the past couple of ‘lockdowned’ years.

Who wants to be dressing up in a full tie and suit, when chinos and a button down can show off our style and personality just as well? Heels? Let’s bring a bit of stylish comfort back in with some flats. We want to look and feel our best when we get back amongst it with our colleagues, but let’s not forget the valuable lesson of comfort paired with style that we adopted during those unprecedented times.

An item that would look just as welcome in your home office as it would your in-town office, the Formula Watch Stand is the perfect addition to any desk. If you’ve become used to not wearing your watch all day whilst working from home, why not try this stylish watch stand for your workplace, and show off your timepiece to your colleague from the premium leather cushion and carbon fibre stand.

If you want your desk accessories to be the envy of the office, why not adorn it with our Perpetua III Single Watch Winder? Not only are you leaning into the comfort of home by getting your piece off your wrist, but you’re showing off your watch in the most luxurious fashion. The high quality black leather finish will complement any timepiece, and the LED touchscreen makes adjusting your preferred settings easier than ever. This is a classic design that has been reinvented throughout the years, and will be sure to make your colleagues come over to your desk and take notice.

Single Watch Pouch

For those who are looking to keep their watch off their wrist on the commute into the office, or those who are looking to travel abroad with work for the first time (in ages!), we couldn’t recommend our Single Watch Pouch in Navy more. The case is made from durable yet soft leather, and is the perfect way to keep your favourite piece safe when on the road. As with all our leather goods, this watch case is hand-crafted and designed to look even better with handling and the passage of time.

We hope you find the return to the office as relaxing and seamless as possible, and that you can enjoy the benefits of being closer to your colleagues through the rest of 2022.


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