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Article: The luxury of an extra hour of time...

The luxury of an extra hour of time...

The luxury of an extra hour of time...

At two o’clock in the morning on Sunday the 31st of October 2021, the clocks are turning back one hour as daylight savings time comes to an end. Daylight savings time was conceived originally as a way of helping Brits reduce their energy use and have more chance to spend time outdoors in the daylight, so we hope you have made the most of it. We certainly have here at Rapport.

While the clocks rewinding can feel a little like time travel, giving us an extra hour in bed or out on the town, depending on your preference, it also gives us pause for thought.

The build-up to the moment clocks go back buzzes around our social and family circles, and online search engines are inundated with requests to double-check when the time is changing. Nevertheless, we all wake up on Sunday morning a little out of sync, off-kilter and a tad confused. All of this effect is the result of a modest sixty-minute time difference. It makes you realise that time and accurate timekeeping is a fundamental part of our society, infrastructure and bodily wellbeing.

This importance of time and timekeeping is something about which Rapport knows a thing or two. That is why we direct our skills, imagination and passion into the design and manufacturer of the finest watch winders and watch storage products available.

Take our Berkeley Three Watch Roll, for example. This versatile travel roll holds three watches on a deluxe soft suede cushion, tucked away neatly inside a finely grained leather exterior. With a stunning yet reliable closure and available in Black and Tan, this is the perfect way to keep your timepieces safe when travelling near or far.

Of course, there is more than one way to store a watch, and there is more than one way that said storage can look. That is why we recently added two new colours, Black and Grey, to our Hyde Park range. Whether for travel with the Hyde Park Watch Roll or in the house with the Hyde Park Watch Cases, these new looks ensure that your watches are stored in style.

Hyde Park Watch Roll

Have you ever forgotten to change the time the night before the clocks go back, and woken up completely at odds with the rest of the world? Well, without regular winding and motion, you will regularly encounter these same issues when picking out one of your favourite automatic timepieces.

That is why we have designed the Formula Watch Winders to provide your watches with the utmost care. Whether you require the single, double, quadruple or sextuplet configuration, the Formula range offers the best of both worlds - your collection will be ready for you whenever required, and always be on show to be appreciated. While the windowed door of the winder gives you a view of your wristwatches, the adjustable winding mechanism works away to ensure that time is kept without fault. Now it is just up to you to remember to change them when daylight savings comes around next year.


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