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Article: The Evo Watch Winder: The Must-Have Winder For Every Collector

Evo Single Watch Winder in Crimson Red

The Evo Watch Winder: The Must-Have Winder For Every Collector

The Evo Single Watch Winder, or the Evolution MKII to give its full title, is the most popular watch winder we offer at Rapport London. As a watch enthusiast, you appreciate as much as we do that timepieces are a meeting point of precise function and exquisite form. With the Evo, we have endeavoured to mirror this spirit to create the premier watch winder, offering care for a watch while also serving as an eye-catching display for private and professional environments. If you are a discerning watch enthusiast, there is no doubt that the Evo needs to be part of your collection.

Whether Rolex or Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre or Piaget, each finely crafted watch comes with unique requirements. A Rapport Evo Watch Winder has any and all needs covered, offering up several levels of winding control, including three directional modes. Developed and refined from the MKI design, the Evo MKII has simple-to-use settings that programme quickly to meet the needs of your specific watch. This flexibility ensures that the timepiece winds accurately, preserving the craftsmanship and ensuring that it’s up to speed when worn. The stored watch sits with precision, too, via the fully adjustable luxury black leather watch carrier.

The best design is one that marries function with form, and in this, the Evo Watch Winder excels. The sharp, geometric lines of the Evo allow it to sit proudly in an office, blending perfectly with a modern minimalist interior. In such circumstances, the Evo can be used to ensure that a watch is seen, appreciated and cared for during working hours and is always ready to go when heading out for an engagement.

Evo Single Watch Winder

The beauty of the Evo means it is just as appropriate for homes styled with more traditional decor and tastes. While the chrome detailing found on the front of the winder provides a dash of the ornate, the square symmetry of the cube itself serves as a stunning counterpoint.

Only adding to the decorative versatility of the Evo Watch Winder is its availability in no less than seven lacquered finishes; from a quintessentially British Racing Green through to the natural timbres of Maple and onto the confident, ultra- modern Carbon Fibre.

Though the Evo Watch Winder has a footprint under four inches wide and six inches deep, it’s diminutive size in no way diminishes its impact. The perfect combination of form, function and colour results in a design that is certain to draw the discerning eye.

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