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Article: Return to the Office with Style

Brompton Three Watch Roll in Red

Return to the Office with Style

At long last, our workplaces are reopening and we can finally return to the offices where we ply our craft and industry. It is a cause for celebration, a moment in which we reclaim our productivity and creativity. Though we are not sad to see the back of the national lockdown and the attached restrictions, we admit there is one thing that we will miss - ready access to our watch collection.

Rather - we would miss our watch collection if it were not for the selection of Rapport products available that allow us to carry a few of our favourites with us.

The benefit of these crafted items is not just for our own sense of satisfaction, timepiece enthusiasm and personal joy. As businesses, both national and international, open their physical doors once again, having a suitable watch is ideal for providing a fresh and confident look and impressing in business meetings and last-minute face-to-faces. Further to this, business travel also lies in our future, so safe watch travel storage is another priority high on our list.

A particularly fine case for business trips and office storage is the Rapport X Johnston’s Of Elgin Watch Roll. Attesting to the importance of meaningful business relationships, this Watch Roll results from a collaborative project that has brought together the best of two historic family businesses. Providing room for three watches, the internal space of the case is taken care of by the fine craftsman of Johnston’s of Elgin, the Scottish wool mill that has been producing materials since 1797. Here, lambswool cloth with an Ettrick houndstooth design upholsters the watch cushions to provide a stunning, robust and luxurious home for your timepieces. Meanwhile, the case exterior is all Rapport, with an exquisite grained black leather finish and detailing. Together, the expertise of both names shines through to driver a timeless classic design of the highest quality.

Similarly well suited to both storage and travel is the Rapport Brompton Three Watch Roll. As with all cases, holders, boxes, trunks and humidors in the Brompton range, the Three Watch Roll carries a bold and powerful genuine leather with a crocodile skin effect. It is a look that never fails to make an impression, whichever colour you choose.

Formula Watch Stand in Black/Gold Variety

For some, the concern about returning to the office is not suddenly lacking choice, but more the lack of appropriate storage for a watch while it is not on your wrist. If you are writing or working at a computer for a prolonged period, you may want somewhere to store your watch to avoid scratches and scuffs or free up your wrist. As a connoisseur, you know that you cannot simply throw your Piaget or Jaeger-LeCoultre to the side - it requires care and respect. The Formula Watch Stand is for moments just as this, with its leather cushion sitting atop a chrome pillar and high-gloss base. For the storing of rings and cufflinks, the equally convenient Formula Watch Stand with Tray is available.

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