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Article: Rapport In Collaboration with TGE TV

Rapport In Collaboration with TGE TV

Rapport In Collaboration with TGE TV

TGE TV is a name any automotive enthusiast is sure to recognise. Featuring everything from the Ford GT to the Lamborghini Aventador, the Ferrari F40 to the Porsche 911 Carrera, TGE social media and YouTube platforms are the convergence point for anyone interested in classic and contemporary luxury cars. However, while followers undoubtedly come to TGE for the cars, they stay for another reason; the founder, Tom Exton.

Tom is the not-so-secret component that originally stoked and continues to fuel the power and success of the TGE TV name. With a background in investment banking and entrepreneurship, Tom has built the TGE name from the ground up with energy, style and charisma. And, because one success is never enough for a man like Tom, he and his brother James also operate a successful health, nutrition and fitness business, LDN Muscle.

On top of having impeccable taste in cars and sharp business acumen, Tom is a keen collector of watches. This fact was highlighted most clearly in a recent YouTube video. In this personal vlog, Tom shares with his audience his collection of Rolex and Tudor timepieces.

Ranging from a “controversial” Tudor to a fiftieth-anniversary Rolex, Tom’s collection is versatile, intriguing and incredibly stylish. And the same can be said for his chosen storage method; Tom uses three Rapport items to store his collection, both in his apartment and in his vault.

Heritage Eight Watch Box

Tom took a moment to detail his Rapport items, with the first being a Heritage Eight Watch Box. In this, Tom exclusively and elegantly stores his Rolex collection. In addition to this large box, Tom has a Rapport Three Watch Roll in leather. This Watch Roll is his top choice when travelling and serves as a bold and “punchy” counterpoint to his refined Watch Box.

The final Rapport item that Tom trusts and loves is a “great piece of kit, and super simple as well.” It is, of course, the Rapport Evo Single Watch Winder. Tom feels that his device is ideal for keeping his favourite “daily wearer” in “tip-top” condition, with the date and time all staying in order.

In the video, Tom explains his reason for choosing Rapport, noting that as well as being a British name with excellent heritage, that the “craftsmanship is absolutely amazing.” He goes further, explaining that he is particularly keen on “the workmanship, the stitching, the leather; everything is absolutely phenomenal.”

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