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Article: Rapport | GQ Magazine

Rapport | GQ Magazine

Rapport | GQ Magazine

The Optima Time Capsule watch winder

Yours for £2,100...

By Charlie Burton

Sure, the automatic watch is the closest that humanity has come to developing a perpetual motion machine (well, almost). But if you don’t like winding it yourself – hey! – why not ignore that accomplishment and simply strap it onto an electric winder. This device will slowly rotate the watch and, therefore, its rotor, keeping the mainspring wound. One of the most elaborate comes courtesy of Rapport London: the Optima Time Capsule.

How does it work?

You put your watch in the front and shut it behind a chrome plated magnifying window. Then you adjust the settings on the back, the brass cogs start to turn and, voila, your watch shall be kept wound.

So it’s clockwork?

No, you plug it in (or use batteries).

So what about the erm.. cogs?

They’re entirely for show.

Isn’t that a bit pointless?

You could argue that watch winders in themselves are pointless: if you like watches enough to buy a mechanical timepiece, why deny yourself the pleasure of winding and setting the thing?



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