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Article: Rapport Featured in the Wayne Enterprises Experience in NYC

Rapport Featured in the Wayne Enterprises Experience in NYC

Rapport Featured in the Wayne Enterprises Experience in NYC

A brand new immersive shopping experience at an undisclosed NYC mansion took place between 3-10 June, blending timeless luxury with theatricality. It invites you to recognise the evolution of retail, experiencing the items up close on a “blank canvas”. “This is melding the worlds [where] you want to live, dress, and be like a character”, said Susanne Rosnowski, CEO of Relevance International, “you have the opportunity to have a themed shopping experience”. 

Of course, that sort of event has Rapport written all over it. 

Wayne Enterprises Experience took inspiration from the self-labelled ‘luxury consumer’ Bruce Wayne, Batman’s fictional alter-ego, and displayed a huge collection of intentionally curated luxury products. Bruce Wayne embodies modernity, opulence, and cutting edge technology. Like Rapport, his character is timeless - a classic character and yet constantly evolving.

If Bruce Wayne were to have a watch winder (which of course, as the picture of elegance, he would do), we know he’d choose Rapport. That’s why Warner Brothers Discovery Global Consumer Products, in Partnership with Relevance International and DC, chose to feature our Carbon Fibre EVO Single Watch Winder. 

With a luxurious finish and classic shape, the Carbon Fibre EVO is one of our bestsellers. Like the Batmobile, the winding mechanism runs virtually silent. The watch carrier is covered in black leather - smart, sleek and emulating a futuristic feel whilst remaining classic and stylish. 

Rapport puts the super into super-hero with our Carbon Fibre EVO. 


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