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Article: Get a Glimpse at the Louis Vuitton Tambour Book

Get a Glimpse at the Louis Vuitton Tambour Book

Get a Glimpse at the Louis Vuitton Tambour Book

What surprises us most about Louis Vuitton’s achievements is the short time they have taken to reach top-tier watchmaker lists. Louis Vuitton began only creating fashion watches in 1988, unlike the likes of Cartier or Blancpain. Despite this brief time span Louis Vuitton has managed to impress and win the approval of watch lovers worldwide. Several of their creations have earned the Geneva Seal, a rarified standard of Swiss watchmaking that is only reserved for the creme de la creme of the timepiece world. Their first and most well-known watch design, The Tambour, was their first introduction to the big league of watchmaking. The unique shape and influential design make it impossible to be confused with any other timepiece on the market. Named Tambour after ‘drum’ in French due to its unique drum-inspired shape, the watch is instantly recognisable.

Iconic Louis Vuitton TambourImage from Louis Vuitton

As the iconic Louis Vuitton Tambour watch turns 20, the fashion house celebrates with the release of the Limited Edition Tambour Twenty book – a collection of 200 pieces paying homage to the beloved Tambour case. The intricate design of the timepiece has become a signature of the Tambour, its elaborate and baroque style reflecting the brand's identity. Reflecting on the Tambour's debut in 2002, the watch was outfitted with a remarkable brown dial, an unusual feature at that time. Showcasing a mustard yellow GMT hand and a complementary 24-hour scale, the distinguished colour palette is a nod to the legendary Monogram canvas designed by Louis Vuitton's only son in 1896. The design of the original Tambour remains as captivating now as it did two decades ago. As we move into 2023, the Tambour Twenty has been reimagined, honouring the original by preserving its signature design codes.

Louis Vuitton Tambour bookImage from Time + Tide

In addition to the launch of the Limited Edition Tambour Twenty, the luxury fashion house has published the Louis Vuitton Tambour book to stamp the milestone they have made. To mark their entry into the world of luxury watchmaking, this iconic volume has been published to tell the tales of Louis Vuitton's notorious Tambour watches. A design that, over the last twenty years, has not succumbed to trends but instead stayed faithful to its uniquely stylish and timeless design. Louis Vuitton brought together the famously skilled craftsmanship of the Swiss tradition of fine watchmaking to work at ‘La Fabrique du Temps’ Louis Vuitton in Geneva. This move resulted in the distinctive approach we see today in the Tambour watch. In this volume, journalist and watch specialist Fabienne Reybaud discuss and explore the creative origins of the Tambour, the history of Louis Vuitton Watches and the virtuoso work of La Fabrique du Temps. With more than 350 illustrations and providing exclusive insights from watch specialists, this book is a resource for collectors and connoisseurs of the world of luxury timepieces whilst holding onto a stunning object and a wonderful addition to the home of lovers of luxury, accessories and all things Louis Vuitton.

Banner image from Louis Vuitton.

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