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Article: Inside The Champions League of Football Fashion

Inside The Champions League of Football Fashion

Inside The Champions League of Football Fashion

We are coming to the end of the Champions League final, the big annual football competition consisting of the best European teams. With some of the best football players in the world participating, not so surprisingly, they also happen to own some of the nicest watches in the world, which is not going to change anytime soon.

Like with all good footballers, nothing is more important than timing and precision, and what better object to help them with this than a good watch. Going with the times, we thought we’d go through some of our favourite watches from some of these footballers.

Starting at the front, Mo Salah has been catching people's eyes on and off the pitch. On the pitch, people see him for his goals, while off-pitch we like to see which watch he has on his wrist. From his Urwerk-105 CT Streamliner to his Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Pirelli-Skeleton, it's clear he has one of our boxes to keep his tasteful investments safe. Quantum Quad Watch Winder

Being GQ’s ​​new king of football’ our guess would be the Quantum Quad Watch Winder, as with its combination of the latest technology and the most premium leather, it represents our most exclusive range of leather strapped watch winders fit for a king. What better box to keep his watches safe off pitch while making sure they are still wounded up.

Continuing with forward-positioned players, Benzema has been spotted for his stylish off-pitch looks. On his hours off he has been seen wearing a Richard Mille RM 055 Yas Marina Circuit. Limited to only 50 pieces, this automatic watch is a rare sight for sure, to top it off it can withstand more than 500 G’s! A technical masterpiece, its case also features 600 layers of carbon fibre.

Paramount Nine Watch Winder

Now, a technical masterpiece can only really be stored by another technical masterpiece, for which you should look no further than the Paramount Nine Watch Winder. A multi watch winder with a traditional elegant design outside puts a modern-day marvel within, the ebony black or walnut cabinet case can house up to nine of your favourite automatic watches. Fitted with a smart interior, LCD light control, soft velveteen walls and fingerprint security access, it’s an impressive sight for anyone.

Going back to midfield, the charismatic Manchester United midfielder Jesse Lingard has been spotted wearing an almost unobtainable watch, the Patek Philippe 5968A Nautilus Chronograph, a sporty and contemporary chronograph with self-winding mechanical movement and a dial that has gold applied numerals with luminescent coating, this sapphire-crystal cased watch is a serious collector's piece.


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