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Article: In Conversation with Katie Goldblatt

In Conversation with Katie Goldblatt

In Conversation with Katie Goldblatt

This week we talk to Katie Goldblatt, our Director at Rapport London, about her own watch collection and favourite Rapport products.

What is your favourite piece in your watch collection and why?

My favourite piece is classical, iconic, elegant and timeless. It’s a Jaeguer-lecoultre reverso. What would you advise someone looking to begin a watch collection?

Gathering an impressive luxury watch collection takes time. So, if you want more desirable timepieces made of high-class materials, you’ll have to be patient. My advice is to always choose quality over quantity. Invest in a classic high-quality watch first that won’t lose resale value.

Owning a couple of luxury timepieces includes taking proper care of their condition and value. If you’re willing to start a collection, keep in mind you need to have your watches serviced and cleaned every once in a while. Your watches need to be kept in a beautifully crafted secure box and also use a highly engineered watch winder to enhance their investment value and functionality.

What’s your favourite Rapport product?

This is an extremely difficult question because I love the entire range and each piece has a different purpose. However, I think I would have to choose the Perpetua Winder range. The main reason is that I like its elegance, style and performance.

What’s been one of your main goals or aims at Rapport London?

Being profitable! Excellent customer service and increasing overall brand awareness.

What are you looking forward to in 2022 with Rapport London?

Continuing to grow and pivot to attract and retain Clients.

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