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Article: Daylight Savings Ends

Daylight Savings Ends

Daylight Savings Ends

Every year the UK sees its clocks go back one hour at 2am on the last Sunday in October, in exchange for the extra hour in bed, we sacrifice the longer, lighter evenings! Of course, this also means having to change the time on your beloved watch. Going through your timepieces to readjust the time to go backwards an hour can be a chore. However, this is our speciality at Rapport, whether you need to change the time for one or 12 watches there is a watch winder suited to every individual.

Evo Single Watch Winder
Our best selling Evo Single Watch Winder is the perfect accessory for your precious timepiece. The EVO is available in a variety of stylish, high-gloss colours that will capture all eyes to your watch. There is always an EVO Watch Winder that will suit your individual aesthetic preferences thanks to the diversity of colours and patterns available. All EVO Watch Winders are constructed of wood and have eight coats of lacquer applied to achieve a sleek finish. Your watch is held firmly in place by the plush leather cushion using adjustable side clips. The cube features three direction settings and several control levels.

Formula Six Watch Winder
For a slightly larger timepiece collection, for the winter we recommend our Formula Six Watch Winder. The Formula features lockable front, glass doors with three distinct stripes across the front, which distinguish this range. So, not only are your watches ready and wound, but they are well protected and available for all to see and appreciate. This stylish ebony or carbon fibre case also features a high tech touch screen LCD display and interior lighting to showcase your collection in the right way. This luxury watch winder is available in Carbon Fibre or Black finish.

Quantum Quad Watch Winder
Lastly, our Quantum Quad Watch Winder has been specially crafted with the latest technology and premium leather to create the most luxury place for your timepieces. The Quantum watch winders represent our exclusive range of leather wrapped watch winders. When you're not wearing them, the Quantum Quad will keep your four timepieces in perfect working condition. The exterior of the case is covered in a classic metallic leather, while the interior is lined with velveteen. This extraordinary watch winder comes in the classic colours of navy and silver.


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