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Article: A Guide to Rapport's Watch Winders

A Guide to Rapport's Watch Winders

A Guide to Rapport's Watch Winders

Watch collecting is a remarkable passion, and a combined celebration of knowing style and precision engineering. However, whether you’re anticipating the arrival of your first Cartier or your seventh Rolex, there’s one issue: you can’t wear them all at once. And, as we all know too well, if an automatic watch isn’t worn frequently, it’ll eventually come to a crawling stop.

A Rapport watch winder is the remedy. Designed from the ground up to contain, display and gently wind the very finest of timepieces, Rapport’s watch winders are the perfect accessory - functioning not only as storage for a watch collection, but serving as a valuable addition to a room’s decor and refinement.


The Rapport EVO, also known as the EVOLUTION MKII, is a single watch winder and our most popular solution. Its small but perfectly formed proportions make it the ideal choice for smaller collections or as a modular display method for wider collections.

The EVO’s open-fronted body is a precision-crafted wooden cube, finished in Polar White or Maple Wood. A supple adjustable leather cushion holds the watch and can be adjusted to perfectly house different sizes. The internal winding mechanisms are finished with the utmost precision, with multiple controls that can be set to best accommodate a range of prestige watches.


While the EVO combines care with display, the Rapport Perpetua range uses a closing lid to provide extra protection to one, two or four watches. Inside, the velvet interior combines with chrome finishings for a restrained, elegant aesthetic, while the stored timepieces take centre stage on adjustable leather cushions.

For complete and precise control over the Perpetua’s watch winding settings, a discreet inset LCD touchscreen display allows you to set each watch’s rotations- per-day and turn direction. This allows the Perpetua to meet each timepiece's specific requirements, helping to preserve the timekeeping accuracy. Available in a Black or Walnut finish.


The Rapport Formula watch winder range provides safe and secure housing for watches, while still allowing the timepiece design to be admired. The glass front and internal light showcases a watch's style and pedigree to create an eye- catching and enticing display.

Like the Perpetua, the Formula utilizes an LCD touchscreen for control for unmatched rotation accuracy. The Formula is available for one, two, four and six watches, and comes in high-gloss black for a traditional look finish, or in carbon fibre for a more contemporary appearance. Both designs carry a delicate three- stripe detailing that is unique to the Formula range.


The Rapport Paramount watch winder range is for the timepiece connoisseur with a comprehensive and far-reaching collection. Providing sanctuary for either nine

or twelve watches, the Paramount’s preserve-protect-display ethos has much in common with the Rapport Formula range, albeit on an expanded scale.

Each watch is treated to a cushion with secure, adjustable clips, and LCD touchscreen controls. The elegant velvet interior with chrome fittings is a delight to behold, with the soft interior lighting helping you reveal the details and appreciate the craftsmanship of your watch collection. Your favourite pieces are also safe and secure, thanks to the locking mechanism with fingerprint release system.

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