Guardians of Time - Coming Soon

Rapport London are soon to launch a series of interviews which will be known as Guardians of Time.

A collection of interviews with people from all different walks of life where time is important and it matters. As specialists of preservers of time for over a century through our expertly handcrafted products, we feel it very important to understand how a range of individuals use time and how vital it is to their everyday life. With this in mind, we let them tell their story of how they rely on time and how their favourite timepieces have enabled them to preserve it.

This series we are delighted to introduce Michel Roux Jr. (Two Michelin Star Chef of Le-Gavroche), Chris Hall (Senior Watch Editor of Mr Porter), Cornelius Wilson (International pilot) and Derek Rapport (Chairman of MA Rapport & Co). 

We look forward to sharing their stories with you in the coming weeks.

“Time, you can never have enough of it” - Chris Hall