There's no better gift than time with the one you love

Originally a religious feast celebrating the martyr St. Valentine, the 14th of February has morphed into a modern tradition honouring love and adoration. It’s a day that allows couples to express their gratitude and affection towards one another however they feel. To those that say it’s a marketing ploy, look into your hearts!

Every year, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to shower your partner with love in a truly over-the-top fashion. It’s a day to celebrate just how much your loved one means to you, the bond that you have, and the memories you have made. As such a special occasion, pulling out all the stops is imperative. From flowers and chocolates to a dinner date or a favourite home cooked meal, expressing devotion can take any shape.

However, the best gift anyone can receive on Valentine’s day is spending time with the people you love. Nothing compares to the company of your loved ones, particularly in times like these. If you’re looking for a gift to show the man in your life just how much they mean to you, we’ve put together the following guide to help you on your search.

The first product we want to draw your attention to is our elegant and sleek Vantage Watch Roll. Designed with travel and adventure in mind, the Vantage’s hexagonal exterior is wrapped in smooth and robust leather, offering a protective shell for the roll’s precious contents.

Once the tab is undone and the roll unfurled, the Vantage reveals three separate compartments. Buttery soft suede lines the cushions, ensuring that each timepiece is securely harnessed and individually protected, eliminating the opportunity for scratches, cracking, and more. If your man is a keen traveller and enjoys exploring the world, this could be exactly what he needs.

Brompton Eight Watch Box

Perhaps your husband or partner is a veritable horologist, the proud owner of a collection of timeless watches? For any avid connoisseur, the Brompton Eight Watch Box offers an ideal storage solution to keep each piece safe. Eight adjustable suede- lined cushions delicately wrap around each watch’s strap, fastening it securely in place.

The Brompton’s beautiful handcrafted frame only adds to the model’s robustness. Crocodile effect leather, available in red, blue, and green, combines style with substance as it covers the exterior, whilst a lock and key closure system adds to the Brompton’s security.

From seasoned enthusiasts to first time buyers, our final suggestion is a product that caters for every watch owner. Available in an assortment of stunning colour finishes, the Evo Single Watch Winder ensures that any automatic watch keeps on ticking. Precision crafted from wood and finished with eight layers of lacquer, the Evo’s design fits every personality and style.

Evo Single Watch Winder

Adding to the Evo’s variability, our best selling watch winder has been engineered to offer multiple levels of control for a range of prestige automatic watches. Complete with a three direction setting, TPD settings, and an extended battery life, the Evo really is the perfect gift for your watch enthusiast love this Valentine’s Day.