The Hyde Park Range

The Rapport Hyde Park range is one of our fondest product lines. Like its namesake, the Hyde Park range is defined by prestige, flawlessly merging modernity and tradition to create something wholly and undeniably British.

When first released, the Hyde Park watch roll and two watch cases were available in a deep navy or natural tan finish with complementary interiors and zips. Now there are two new colours added to the range for even more choice - back and grey.

The range’s premium smooth leather exterior has always been a stylish sight to behold. Now, with the same level of detail and hand-crafted goodness, the new colour options offer those watch collectors who prefer a monochromatic and understated style. These two new colours also make the product more suitable for taking with you on a business trip or keeping in the office.

The two new finishes are mirror images of each other. The black finish carries a grey butter-soft suede lining with chrome zip, while the grey finish has a black suede lining. Both showcase the emblem of Rapport on the underside of the lid.

The new black and grey colours are available with all Hyde Park products, the Hyde Park Three Watch Roll, Hyde Park Two Watch Zip Case and Hyde Park Four Watch Zip Case. In addition to being crafted with the utmost care, each of these products house some highly useful and adaptable features.

Hyde Park Range

The watch roll, already one of the most versatile options offered at Rapport, is the ideal travel case for three watches or two with a central space for cufflink and jewellery. The Two Watch and Four Watch Zip Cases are great for sorting choice timepieces at home or the office. Both sizes of the case take advantage of removable and adjustable cushions to ensure the perfect secure fit for your selected watches.